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Dec 18, 2009
I came across this notice on the website, did they ever release new classic bags for the 75th Anniversary?



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Oct 20, 2007
Between a FP store and an outlet
I think this page is pretty old. It's hard to say if this references the Coach Classic line they did with a duffle and a city bag, among others, maybe 2-3 years ago. That leather was on the thin and stiff side. It may reference the release of the duffles from about 14 months ago. They were a remake of the original Duffle Sac, as were the earlier mentioned duffles, but were done in glove tanned leather and lined in leather. In the second go-round, I think there were dinkies and maybe the saddle bags? It's hard to say since there was a lot of recycling of older styles until Vevers got his feet under him. Then again, my timeline could be completely off. It's a spring-like day here and it's gone to my head!!
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Nov 27, 2013
So is the 75th anniversary line finished now? I calculate 75 years from 1941 would be 2016? I seem to have missed it - what pieces were part of this line ? Legacy striped dinkys? Are we talking the 1941 line? Grateful for clarification, getting a bit confused. The 70th anniversary line had creed patches stating the bag was part of that line, do the 75th anniversary bags say so too??


Oct 23, 2016
I have one 75th Anniversary bag - it is a Striped Penny (Dinky) Crossbody), it was an outlet piece - I picked one up in January for $90, receipt said it was originally $180 (or something like that). It does have a special creed and a special hangtag, I posted a photo of it in the Mini-Reveal topic. Roro is right in that the leather is fairly thin and not very luxe. There was a 75th Anniversary collection at Barney's with many of the same looks as made it to the outlet, I would think they were more premium but I really don't know. I think this was all in the first half of last year. Also, I just picked up a nicely premium Ace Satchel in Fog as a FS delete from an outlet this weekend and in looking it up online I see it was being called a limited edition 75th Anniversary version, and was a Coach 1941 bag even though earlier releases of the Ace were not. No special creed on it though, difference is only that the interior is leather lined whereas earlier versions were cloth lined.


May 10, 2010
I think part of the 75th anniversary release were those vintage bags that were embellished and auctioned off. There were also some embellished vintage bags sold by Collette. Wasn't that part of it?
Jul 9, 2009
The disney stuff was 75th anniversary special. 1941 range is here to stay though. In Europe it looks like Edie isnt being sold in some dept stores any more though or swagger those seem like classic styles to me