Coach Clarkson Hobo

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  1. Got it in the black and gold-look so rich I couldn’t say no!
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  2. I ordered it in the black and gold too. I can't wait to get it. I also ordered one in beechwood too. I really want to keep the black. I'm so torn because I have 5 black bags and no other colors. I hope I can keep both of them.
  3. Well I carried my Clarkson around all weekend and only on Sunday did I really start to feel it. I think as long as I don't do any marathon outings, I'll be ok. I usually carry a mini bag or nylon bag because my shoulders are so messed up, so anything over half a pound is heavy for me. I only carry my small wallet, keys, lipstick, and Samsung Galaxy 8+, so not a lot of stuff. The bag is so pretty, I got it in the washed red, I'm going to keep it and power through!
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  4. I had the opportunity to try on the Clarkson Hobo. She weighs 1.6 pounds empty.
    This is a great bag. I think she will become a classic. She is a good size. The shoulder strap drop is perfect for me; not loose and not tight. The cross body strap is an excellent length.
    I m 5'2 1/2" and 109 lbs. I have a rotator cuff issue, arthritis and osteoporosis. This bag is very manageable for me to carry even with a full size wallet, wristlet, cosmetic case and large cell phone inside.
    The Beechwood is gorgeous but I need a bag for all seasons. I'm keeping the black. The front panel drapes beautifully.
    I am sure this will be my go to, every day bag. Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.09.34 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.11.11 PM.png
  5. I also bought the red. The red with gunmetal hardware looks so cool. This bag is perfect with both the handle and a crossbody strap. I cannot wait to carry it. May have to go run an errand just for fun. Lol
  6. To any that own a Clarkson or have even played with one and tried it on in store. How would you describe the leather? I just received the Cadet color and the leather on mine feels very plastic-y, not what I expect from Coach. I admit I may be spoiled by the 1941 pebbled leather so maybe I just need to be brought back down to earth I’d love to know others thoughts on the leather of this bag. IMG_8705.jpg IMG_8706.jpg
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  7. I have it in beechwood and while it definitely isn't as "nice" feeling as the 1941 pebbled leather, it still feels light years better than whatever cut of pebbled leather the outlet uses. For the price, mine feels fine.
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  8. Thanks for the input! Compared to some of my MFF bags this Clarkson feels worse Sad as the color and structure are great!
  10. .....the leather will soften the more you use it.. I purchased the Chambray months ago and it’s now very soft. Clarkson is a great bag! It holds so much, you can see everything inside without having to “dig”..I love it so much that just purchased my second one in Saddle.
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  11. Sadly I around the leather on the clarkson and Charlie very poor like some kind of pleather such a shame not for me
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  12. I don’t mind it on the Charlie because a stiffer leather will help keep it structured but it just didn’t drape or bend nicely on the Clarkson.
  13. IMG_0462.JPG
    It's interesting you noticed it on the Clarkson too, I recently ordered a camera bag in the new color blossom because it looked so nice in the picture, but I had the same experience with the leather-it feels like plastic, I have several of these camera bags in different colors from previous years, and the leather feels so much smoother....
    Also, my most recent market tote felt much more plastic-y than my other one....
    I wonder if Coach started using a different leather supplier lately....
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  14. Beautiful, what do they call this color?
  15. i want one of these in the washed red but some of the comments regarding the quality of leather are holding me back. anyone who has one and has worn it for awhile-what are your thoughts? thank you!