Coach Clarkson Hobo

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  1. This looks very pretty. It looks much nicer in your picture than in Coach's pictures.
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  2. Macy's has the Clarkson hobo on a 30% off sale, so of course the Marine went into my cart and onto my card. I actually really loved the elegance of the black with gold hardware, but I'm in desperate need of a more "summery" bag, so I went for the blue. But if that black one goes on sale come fall . . . :angel:
  3. I love the washed red too! I've already presaled it :smile:

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  4. I feel the same way. I am a silver hardware girl but with black, I love gold and I love the clarkson in the black. I am really hard on my bags and I’m leaning towards the black although my sa and friends are pushing for the marine as they say it looks good on me. Heellllppp!’
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  5. If you're hard on your bags, I'd stick with black. Very easy to cover up scuffs and other marks with black.....other colors not so much.
  6. I really like this one. Deciding between the pink one and the marine one.
  7. I love Clarkson too. Choosing a color is the hardest thing. They are all beautiful and very lightweight. Macy's sale ends Monday 5/7 but Coach will continue their sale until 5/13 so I have a while to decide on a color.
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  8. I just picked up my bag today, and its heavier than I thought it would be. I'm debating returning it now. I love the style but my shoulders can't handle heavy bags :sad:
  9. I was just about to place an order for the Clarkson Hobo. My shoulders cannot take a heavy bag either. There are no Coach stores where I live and my local Macys doesn’t have Clarkson yet. I called Coach and the rep did not know the weight. So I will just buy it while on sale and return it if it is too heavy for me. My thoughts are better to buy and return it while on sale than regret not buying after the sale.
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  10. Question about the handle drop. On models online, it looks like the bag's top is super close to being in their armpits- which I HATE. But the washed red photo @eehlers has it looks nice and slouchy, with plenty of arm space. Is that the norm? Because if the large dufflette I have coming today doesn't work out, I may end up with the Clarkson after all.
  11. I don't find the top of the bag to be too close to my armpit. I hate that too! The top slouches down so you'll have arm space.
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  12. The bag definitely has some weight to it empty. I don't carry a lot of stuff so hopefully it won't be too bad because I really love the look of this bag and want to keep it. I'm going to carry it around today and see how it goes. Good luck!
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  13. Saw this bag yesterday and loved it. I just wish it were bigger; I need to carry my life with me everywhere ;).
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  14. This morning I ordered this hobo. The customer service person I spoke with at Coach was unable to give me the weight of the bag. After reading this thread I called Coach again. The person I spoke with told me the weight of Clarkson Hobo is 2.4 pounds. I asked how the weight compares to the Edie 31. She said Edie 31 weighs 2.35 pounds, a mere .05 pounds lighter than Clarkson which is not much of a difference.

    I hope this information helps.
    I ordered the black and the beechwood. I hope I keep at least one of them.
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  15. Pulled this from Macy’s website. It says the weight is ~1.25 lbs. I tried it on Thursday and I think it’s one of Coach’s lighter weight bags.
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