Coach bag for my new camera?

  1. I've been away for a little bit, too many things going on with my hubby deployed and autistic son. :rant:

    Any how, what kind of Coach bag would be good for my new camera? My camera is bigger than an average digital camera but smaller than an SLR. I was thinking maybe one of the Larger cosmetic bags. What do you think? :confused1:
  2. What about a Bleecker capacity wristlet or the turnlock wristlets? Do you think it would fit?
    That way you have a strap to hold on to.
    My camera is very small so it fits in a standard wristlet.
  3. or a large wristlet :smile:
  4. I think the Sig Stripe Beauty Case would work well or the turnlock wristlets...
  5. I know someone posted the heritage stripe line will have a camera case. I think I might have saved a picture....

    Not sure about the price, but the item # is 11359.
  6. My thoughts are with you and your family, that must be extrememly difficult. I like that one Sissabelle posted, that is so cute and would be hands free. Unless do you need something to go inside of your regular bag ?
  7. This would be great! I could use one too!:tup:
  8. you should deff. search on eBay. a while ago they had a camera bag. signature stripe i think? i dont remember but it was so pretty!
  9. I LOVE IT!! Now that it Coach dedication!! Your idea is going to get me into a lot of trouble with the hubby :sweatdrop: I'm thinking a wristlet, maybe something in Bleeker? :p
  10. I use a signature cosmetic bag for mine. My camera is a little larger than most, since its 4 years old! LOL!! The cosmetic bag works well-it was an outlet find!