Coach And Ebay

  1. So I was the high bidder on this bag on eBay:

    I wanted a Demi Sling bag that was east/west and not north/south and though I got a STEAL when I sniped it! So I pay for the bag, and afterwards, I noticed that the second picture she had up, was from a previous auction she had! So I asked the seller about it, and she had NO idea what I was talking about. So I figured she just got her pictures mixed up. So she mails out the bag to me. Notice in her description, she states that there is slight wear on the outside but in overall good condition.

    So I get the bag, and I was right about the 2nd picture of the creed, she had just gotten it mixed up, turned out to be a genuine coach. HOWEVER, there were stains ALL over the inside, it smelled like smoke and the "wear" she mentioned was FRAYED fabric all over the top left front of the bag. So I left her feedback:
    Description=POOR. STAINED,DIRTY,SMELLY&DAMAGEDBag.Should'veBeenBetterDescribed.

    She then writes me this message!:
    I just returned from vacation and was very disappointed in your feedback! First of all, I don't get why you claimed it was "Smelly" and "Dirty".. I didn't send it out that way(I wouldn't want something like that) So my question there is, "Was it damaged in shipping" Also, I did mention that the item showed signs of ware on the outside. I feel I did list it as it was and you got this bag for $34.00(retailed for $198.00) which I feel is more than fair. However, If you were not satisfied with it, you should have notified me of it and I would gladdly have given your money back.. I left you very positive feedback even though I didn't understand why you would bid on something if you still had questions on it. However, I feel your feedback wasn't fair and I plan to dispute this if we can't agree on a fair way to resolve it. I VALUE MY FEEDBACK that is left for me and that I leave for others. I would appreciate it if you consider doing the same.

    So immediately I felt bad about leaving her NEUTRAL feedback, but I felt she was a POOR seller! So I sent her this message:
    I am sorry you felt unfair about the feedback I left. It did not get damaged in shipping as the box was completely intact. But inside the purse, there are several Make-up stains. the outside had several "stiff" spots where maybe some lotion or something dried on it..the fabric was frayed in the corner too. This purse could really have been better described and better photographs taken. That is what I was trying to get across in the feedback. And you are right, I shouldn't of bid on it had I known that the description wasn't fully explained. I am going to keep the bag. I have already spent time on it trying to clean it up. Also, when I received it, it has a "smoker" smell to it. I don't know if you smoke or if the person who owned it before you smoked, but it definitely belonged to a smoker, and my home is smoke free and no one smokes around me so I tend to pick up the scent pretty quickly.(The smoke smell tends to stick to a bag to if you are in a smoking environment) So I febreezed the purse and had to let it sit in the sun for a day to rid it of the smell. My feedback was not to upset you, but to perhaps make you aware that there were many things with the purse you should of and could of disclosed in your auction. I was just being honest. I am sorry it caused hard feelings with you.

    Take Care,
    Signed, my name

    So my question is, do you think my feedback was really unfair?? I tried several times messaging her about the condition of the bag, only for her to not reply or if she did, she didn't know what I was talking about. So the communication was terrible, she shipped slowly and the bag wasn't what she described. I thought about sending it back, but this bag is hard to find and I did get a good deal and I figured I could "fix" it up...what are your thoughts?? I kind of feel bad...

  2. First of all I am sorry that happened to you... when that happens to me I always contact the seller first... Usually to refund my money or atleast make it right. I try not to leave negative feedback.. but if you did contact her and she never replied then yes I would have left negative at that point... you probably did the right thing and I would leave it alone at this point. Just my .02 :yes:
    ETA: just looked at the auction.. another thing is yes she did not describe it that well so in the future I would definitely ask for more details and I always ask if it is smoke free if it is not listed as such.. I have learned that lesson the hard way. :tdown:
  3. that is incredibly frustrating...i woulnd't feel bad about leavign negative feedback simply because of how poor she communicated with you--i mean, you tried to talk to her about it but it sounds like she played dumb when you asked her about the picture mix up--it soudns like she needs to be more attentive of her auctions-especially if she values her feedback so much.
  4. But i didn't leave her a negative marking...I felt that was too harsh..and yes, I tried to contact her and ask her questions about the bag and she just kept not answering or was very "vague"...uggh...well thanks for your help!
  5. Well, from the looks of what she's sold in the past, she's definitely not a professional seller. I think she's genuinely puzzled because she's not a bagaholic -- to her, it was just a used purse. To us, makeup stains on the lining or a frayed seam mean much more than they would to someone who's just selling a "used purse."


  6. I just had a similar experience. I wanted Botkier Cairo N/S satchel so I grabbed it when it was listed on eBay.

    But I should have asked for the actual pictures of the bag because when it came, it had discoloration, fadings, scratch on the bottom, and lots of sands inside the 'soiled' lining. The bag was beautiful but it was going to cost $150 and up to clean it. So I asked the seller to take it back and after some arguing, she did take it back and gave me the refund. After all that, I just paid more and purchased a new one. We haven't left any feedbacks to each other. I am not sure what to say because although I got my money back, the bag was not as in an excellent condition and the communication was very rough.
    Since you didn't leave her a negative feedback, I think it was only fair that you described the bag's condition accurately (on your feedback to the seller). I learned from my experience that I should not bid on any used bag without its actual pictures and detailed description on its condition.
  7. No I don't think it was unfair. Feedback is earned not given. If you were unsatisfied then you should state so as long as what you state is factual. You didn't even leave her a negative, which listening to your comments, was perhaps warranted.

    I know the lining of all my bags is spot/smell free, but my sister "ruined" her Manhattan LV with makeup stains on the lining AND she is a smoker. However, I know if she ever tried to sell it that would definitely be disclosed and pictures taken.

    So sorry you were disappointed. Were you able to get the smell/stains out?