coach agendas/planners

  1. I am in total need for a new planner or agenda but I have never purchased one before. I saw another thread about agendas and was wondering what agenda you have purchased? If you have an all leather does the leather scratch easily? Pictures or comments would be amazing! Thanks so much for your help. :yes:
  2. my agendya is louis mono, but my sis has the pink coach one. she bought it off eBay for like $55! she tosses it in her purse everyday and i have seen no scratches on it. it is really cute!
  3. I have had a light blue one that is pebbled leather with patent trim for three years. It goes in my purse every day and has no scratches. The color is a little faded and marked up after all these years since it is such a light color, so I'm in the market for a new one.
  4. I have a patchwork small agenda. I have been using it for a few months now. It's made of cotton/canvas. The material doesn't get scratched but I am extra careful not to get pen marks on it. I would suggest a monogram print over a leather agenda.
  5. i have a pink pebbled/patent trim for about 3 years, the outside has held up good, but the inside has residue/rub-off from the coils on the actual paper agenda insert. some residue can be rubbed off, but there is always silvery/black coil marks on the inner spine.

  6. What one do you think you are going to buy now?
  7. COACH has some gorgeous agendas in black and dark pink/almost red with turnlocks....very pretty! There are three sizes and the middle size seems to be the most popular and easy to use. They wear very well and are easy to keep up. If for some reason you get scratches on it you can use a little COACH moisturizer to take them out and keep the leather supple.
  8. I just purchased my agenda from the Coach Outlet and I saved a ton of $$$ by going there. (I only paid $70 when it was originally marked $218)
    I know it's not the latest or greatest agenda with the turnlock. I have last years model, the 6x8 dark pink signature, it's my fav color and I :heart: it.

    My photo has my other purchases from that shopping day! :wlae:

    I was totally happy to get the Goldfish too. Isn't it amazing how one little charm or keyfob makes your whole day? :p
    shopping day 2.JPG
  9. ^ Very cute!
  10. I was in traveling thru Ohio and was dead set on buying an agenda in leather and they had these beautiful pink signature and I didn't get on in pink sig and now I really regret it. Great purchases!
  11. Absolutely! I love love love coach accessories, especially little charms. Love the planner too, its just to cute.
  12. Hi, everyone. I'm new here...this is my first post! I am considering buying the legacy turnlock agenda, but the description says "Spiral-bound 2007 week-on-two pages planning diary beginning September 2006." Does this mean I will have to buy refills for 2008? If so, will Coach be coming out with new agendas including 2008? Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. ria
    yes you will have to buy refills for 2008....I don't know if they will be coming out with new agendas for 2008, but it's a possibility they might.
  14. ria The turnlock agenda is so gorgeous....if I had the extra money I would've bought it, but I got the pink sig instead. Good luck with your purchase, there happens to be another thread right now on the turnlock.
  15. Thanks for your help...I'll look for that thread