cLuTcH w/ ChAiN in D CoLoR oF LoVe~ 1sT ReVeaL

  1. :nuts: :loveeyes:

    The color is just perfect! Gorgeous! Beautiful! OMG! I think I need a bag like this.... :sweatdrop:

    Hun, would you mind to share with me the style number for this clutch?
  2. The 12a red clutch is gorgeous! :smile:
  3. ~crispedrosa, thanks ;)... it is indeed a nice pop of color in my collection:love: btw d color & style code is at page 4 #47 in this thread :flowers: goodluck & i hope u'l like it as much as i do:amuse: tc:tender:

    ~chanbal, yes for me 12A is a perfect red:loveeyes: tc :tender:
  4. Congrats!!! I love the color of your bag!
  5. ~lavender, tnx again ;)
  6. Thank you love :hugs:
  7. crispedrosa, welcome. goodluck in hunting this baby ;)
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    Gorgeous bag! Congrats!!!
  9. ~pazdzernika, thanks so much 4 stopping by ;) yes she is a beauty isn't she?!:loveeyes: tc:tender: