Clutch Lovers! Input needed!

  1. Okay, I went to BalNY today to pick up boxes for my two firsts (thank you, Kim) and I spied, for the first time in real life, the oval clutch.

    I am IN LOVE!!!!!!! What a fantastic style! It's now a must-have for me.

    Question 1:
    Since there is no handle or strap, do most of you choose the darker colors only?

    For those of you who have bought it in light colors, how does it hold up against darkening?

    Question 2:
    Would it be a good idea to use For Handles Only all over the rigid part at the top to avoid darkening?
  2. Good question! I have a clutch/pouchette style and I was wondering the same thing.
  3. I have one on my way to me as we speak. I really wanted the discontinued 04 clutch with the strap, but, there was no possible way of me getting that!! so, I settled for the oval clutch, which the more and more I see it the more I love it. I got an darker color, because like you said there are no handles, and I was worried about the same thing.
  4. i think it's cute... but i prefer boxy styles though :p
    i wish they still make the big clutch like in '04 :drool:
  5. ^^ i've got the black oval & think it's cool :supacool:

    p.s. i think her 1st event will be a super-bowl party!!!
  6. Well, I found and bought an Ink Clutch today! That was fast...

    So it's dark. I think I will treat the rigid part with For Handles Only anyway, just to give it a few extra years.

  7. Ahhh...I saw that one highgloss!! It's gorgeous--nicely done!!! :nuts:
  8. Clutches are big for spring! Enjoy!