Clutch Ideas that won't break the bank?

  1. I'm looking for a nice clutch, but all the ones I see are hundreds of dollars. I could get a whole bag for that price. Maybe it's just my taste that keeps drawing me to the expensive ones, but can anyone suggest a clutch that doesn't cost the price of a full blown handbag?
  2. Try Lauren Merkin. They are still kind of expensive, but not nearly as much as a whole handbag. There are a bunch on active endeavors where you can use the code "apologies" for 25% off.
  3. Depends on what you want the clutch for.

    I just use clutches for partying, so alot of girls at University use coach ones, they are cute and affordable.
  4. There are a few on sale on the website for half off: Don't know if they are quite what you're looking for...
  5. I'm not a fan of clutches, I don't find them practical since they occupy a hand all the time without fulfilling their purpose (carrying stuff).
    If I HAD to carry a clutch I wouldn't buy an branded one... As you say the money they cost is almost equal to that of a bag...
    Also I think MJ have few affordable - but not cutesy...
  6. Luna Boston has a pretty good selection. Jenny Yuen and Lorelei clutches are under $300. Tano makes ones that are under $200. If you're looking for a good day clutch, Hayden-Harnett is has a few on sale on their website right now for $88-$177, and their regular clutches are great, too (under $300).
  7. I've seen some cool vintage clutches on eBay. I have a really cool one that is made of Italian leather (I think...) and has some really neat features (like this weird fold-out mirror). I think I paid $12 shipped for it, and have gotten compliments when I carried it. Just a thought.
  8. I have a hobo international clutch that I adore. Check They seem to be in the $60-$100 range.
  9. I have two hobo wallets that I use as clutches that I love. They were right around $100 and fit lots of stuff.
  10. J.crew has some really cute satin clutches for $88 this season, very Prada looking and the satin is nice. I'd check those out.

  11. Yes, I like some of the Hobo International clutches, too. They are very affordable.
  12. Get thee to a Buffalo Exchange or similar thrift/vintage/consignment store in your area. Esp. at thrift stores, you can find a ton of 80's bags - don't scoff! It was a primo period for clutches! - that have real leather and often interesting design details. If the shop leans more to thrift rather than boutique-y vintage, you should be able to score one for under $20.
  13. I'm def. not a clutch girl but I figured I should buy at least one to have for those certain dressy occasions....I found an adorable Lauren Merkin-esque one at Old Navy on sale for $6 (regular price $12!).