Clueless Coach SA's

  1. I can't complain about the SA's in my area, they are all the sweetest girls, but they are clueless about the bags! For the second time in a row, I had an SA ask me the name of the bag because she was clueless. I should be getting paid, not them! LOL :roflmfao:
  2. LOL! I find this so funny when I know more than the SA! I start to wonder if I should apply for a job when I know more than the SA haha :P
  3. The Coach stores I go to, the SAs are great...very helpful! Maybe the girl was new.
  4. I don't really have that problem with Coach stores, but as much as I love Nordstrom, I can't stand the SAs. They are friendly as can be, but they don't know the difference between a paddy and a silverado. Last time I was in there I had to explain the different sizes of Stams.
  5. LoL, what were their reactions?
  6. lol.
  7. Well, I told them the difference between the 3 types because they kept trying to hand me an e/w and I wanted a regular one. The SAs are really friendly there and really would prefer to be more enlightened so when someone else comes in they can know the answer. If it weren't me, they would probably be a little ticked off. But I wish that they had Handbag enthusiasts like us working there.

    My regular SA is pretty good though, I grade her a high B.