CL's at work and play?

  1. I was thinking about getting the Black Simple 85 pump, but I had some questions.....

    Do they run true to size?

    Also, is the simple 85 pump a good shoe for work and for the skinny jean look?

  2. Anybody.......???
  3. I went up 1/2 from my "regular" size to my "regular Louboutin" size (ie: I wear a 9 but a 9.5 in Louboutin) and they seem to fit pretty well. The style does seems to run a bit narrow. It's definitely the perfect work shoe! I've never worn mine with skinny jeans, but I suppose it would work, though booties or something with a platform might look better imo.
  4. I have these shoes and they fit very true to size. I wear a US size 7 and the 37s I have fit perfectly. Hope that helps!
  5. I just returned my Simple 85s. I've never had a problem with Louboutin sizing, always thought they were TTS (I'm an 8 US/38 Eur), but these just did not fit at all.

    I intended to wear them for work only, but I guess you could rock them out with some skinny jeans...they seem a bit too short for that, though.
  6. I usually wear a 7.5 in heels but they were a bit snug. Plus I was always told to try on shoes at the end of the day or after you have walked around for awhile, that way your foot is at it's most swollen and you can then really tell if a shoe will be to tight. I have heels that are way to tight and they CL, even the ones your looking at I wear a 38. I know a lot of ladies have said that they run a bit small but I think it's all preference. I know some of my friends wear heels that look to big on them but that's how they like to wear them. Good luck.