Clous Wallet Where Art Thou?

  1. Hello ladies-I have been making some calls and cant seem to find one so if any of you fabulous ladies spots a black clous wallet (the one with the studs/spikes all over), please oh please let me know. I was waiting for the sales and now that they started the wallets all disappeared!

    Hoping for good news!

    thanks XOXOXOXO
  2. Have you tried Aloha Rag?
  3. thank you, yes they have the beige one. I was waiting for it to go on sale and now they all vannished! Now I want it so bad!
  4. I bought mine from Barney NY in Dallas. Willie was the superfantastic SA!

    I wish you well,

  5. I'm pretty sure I saw one at Barney's in Chicago. It was a couple of weeks ago though, so I'm not sure if it's still there, but probably worth calling.
  6. Boho, try contacting the eBay seller designer9822. I ordered my Clous from him, and the last time we talked I thought he mentioned he had another (not entirely sure though). Good luck!
  7. Nanaz-you are the one who got me obsessed with it! Love your photos.

    Maedchen-thank you, Barneys is out, they were the first I called, they went on sale 40% off too.

    Niemans didnt buy it, or at least thats what I understood from the not so helpful lady.

    Will try Bal NYC as soon as they open.

    Nordstroms has one but it is on hold for someone, hope its a PFer.

    I guess I should try Saks, didnt think about that.
  8. did you want a small one or the larger one?
    neiman's in sf has the larger one in black...

    i got mine (the smaller one) from bal ny, but when i ordered it, daphne said it was the last one...
  9. Kimair-tried NM in SF and apparently someone else had called literally minutes before me :amazed:. They didnt have it. I will keep looking! If anyone out there spots one please PM me!

    thanks so much for all your wonderful help.
  10. I contacted him when I was looking for a Clous 2 months ago, he only has beige. I ended up getting it from Aloha Rag, but I guess they only have beige now too.
  11. Yeah AR has beige and that ebay seller had beige as well. Keeping my fingers crossed. And yes the larger black....and on sale....I know I am asking for a lot!

  12. Try the Scottsdale one maybe? I've always found the SAs there super helpful and willing to look things up for me.