Clothes to match?

  1. Do you guys buy clothes to match your LVs? I caught myself the other day thinking, "This would match great with my perforated green speedy" :lol:

    I have yet to buy the speedy. :shocked:
  2. hmm I never really done that..its cute though =D
  3. Not really, I am almost ALWAYS in jeans so it's pretty easy!!!:lol:
  4. Yes! I just got a Primp top that'll look adorable with my peppermint bedford :smile:
  5. same here :lol:
  6. nope, i just use whatever bag i feel like using, but it is a plus if the bag matches my clothes:rolleyes:
  7. Nope, other way around! I keep the clothes simple, don't want to distract from bags and shoes.:biggrin:
  8. Not with clothes, but shoes, absolutely!
  9. I get dressed first, then choose the bag!
  10. Only once, when I bought my perf. speedy. I decided on the green one in the end because I have a lot of red clothes, and then the fuschia bag would be useless for those occations when I would carry it. However, I somewhat regrets this now, and hope to get my hands on one within new year.
  11. I Definitely Match My Bags (& Shoes & Jewelry) To My Outfits. When Buying Clothes (Which Is A Lot!)....I Definitely Think About If I Have A Bag To Match. & When Buying A Bag, It's Hard To Buy If Nothing Matches...But, Hey Go Buy More Clothes!!!!!
  12. I usually buy purses to match my clothes... but now that I think about it I should really do it the other way around. The purses will be with me much longer than any of my clothes will.