Clothes from vintage fabric

  1. Hello everyone,

    Sorry, this is a totally self-indulgent thread. I found some really cute limited quantities of French and Italian vintage fabric from a local shop and could not help designing and making dresses out of them. Some of them were completed last week and here are pictures. Sorry if this sounds totally self-absorbed to anyone. I figure people who love purses might love interesting clothes too.

    This one is made from French white cotton eyelet. It is luxuriously soft. I followed the Miu Miu design and lined it in black satin, but added shape. Tried it with vintage beads and a vintage belt.



    This one is French cotton in pale yellow with pink and white flowers. Vintage fabric. Also luxuriously soft. I made it in the 70s style boat neck design, but it's completely tailored ie. no elasticized waist, so that the skirt is A-lined. Figured it's more flattering. I made a matching belt with fabric buckles to go along with it, but here I tried it on with a vintage belt for effect. And green vintage heels.

  2. OH.

    That is so amazing. I love to sew so I am drooooooling here!!
  3. This one is European vintage cotton, in white with green and pink design. I also made it in 70s style cross front design with A line skirt and matching belt. Here I am with my beloved dark brown spy.

  4. Ok, I didn't make this dress. It's a vintage dress, the sheer kind you need a slip under. But I embellished my denim jacket with everything I can find so it looks intricate.

  5. Hi Roo,

    So great to know you love sewing too!! Do you cut your own paper patterns? Or do you use ready-cut ones?
  6. i'm with roo
    :blink: :biggrin:

    those are really amazing. i would pay good money for those if they were in a boutique and my size and yaddayaddayadda...very nice indeed.

    so jealous. i have two left thumbs when it comes to sewing machienes. i can knit though...kind of. and embroider. woo. :smile:
  7. Tammy, those dresses are sooo pretty and original! Thanks for posting, they look great on you. I love vintage fabric, it can be really nice if you have the opportunity to find one in good condition. Your miu miu inspired eylet dress is stunning!
  8. My mother used to make her own patterns, but I don't. I have a hard time finding quality fabrics in Seattle, so I have to travel to Vancouver B.C. to get the good wools and silks. Because of that, I don't like to take chances that I might make mistakes with my own patterns on something expensive I've bought and driven home.

    Here's my most recent creation, this is a lightweight italian wool coat I made in azalea pink. I did modify the pocket shape on the coat but pretty much followed the pattern otherwise. I have not had time for sewing recently but need to make a few things for fall. (the thumbnail is the INC coat I copied the design of the pockets from)

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  9. very good you two!
  10. Roo - beautiful coat!! I love the color! It is so hot right now. I am making a hippie summer dress right now with spaghetti straps using a vintage cotton fabric with shades of hot pink just like that. I am so loving the color!
  11. The attachments are freaking out on me.

    Here's the coat I made:




    Here's the coat I saw and liked the color/pockets on, so I decided to make one:

  12. Keep posting photos of your creations! I love it!!!
  13. Beautiful! You're a talented woman!
  14. Tammy D - i'm soo jealous, you are so talented!! I absolutely love the pink v neck dress, the shape is just perfect on you. I would buy that in a heartbeat from the shops. I see so many beautiful vintage fabrics here in london but can't sew, wish i could.
  15. Thanks for indulging me, you guys! :heart: :heart: :heart: I have got so many more which are sitting in my closet. I tend to make most of my clothes because I come across these beautiful fabrics from all over the world and keep buying them. Plus at 5"2, I like my clothes to fit me well and not run too long. I will put them on and get DH to take more pictures of me in them so I can post them. I've got at least 15-20 pieces more which I made last year, and am making 2 more in the meantime for summer and a friend's wedding.

    My closet is exploding!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: