close calls...

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  1. Alright, I know everyone has had to have some sort of close call with their Fendi.

    I was at a hole in the wall diner the other day and I carefully placed my spy on the table on top of a napkin. When the waitress came to take our order, she said, "oh what a cute purse!" and grabbed the side of it and rubbed it for a second (although at the time it felt like hours). I couldn't believe it! Maybe I'm anal, but I don't want someone who's been handling greasy food to touch my bag. Actually, I don't like anyone touching my bag period haha. So yes, for a second, everything flashed before my eyes. And let me tell you, it was a scary moment.

    So ladies, what trials and tribulations has your spy overcome :P
  2. I have Two:

    1. When we were Wine Tasting at a beautiful high end winery in Walla Walla, I wanted to go out on their deck to take photographs of the vineyard. The wine attendant warned me that the door to the deck automatically closed and locked, so she suggested that I use LIZ, my Taupe Acadia Spy as a doorstop.....:sad:

    DH & I just popped our Eyes out and Groaned! :confused1:

    2. The other close call is one I'm sure everyone can relate to: Where do you put you spy when you go to the public restroom and there is no purse hook.....:wtf: I just hate that. Have learned to balance it on my way is my Spy sitting on the floor or anyplace else in a public john. :Push:
  3. Luckily most of the toilets (where I stay) have hooks but if they don't I just sling it over my shoulder. I even do that for my smaller bags.

    I brought my baby spy to a launch party and my gfs decided to stay on for more partying. One girl who was a friend of a friend over poured her drink and it spilled over the edge of the table.
    Before that I had place my spy on a stool under the table but a bit of the drink got onto the bag. In me I was quite pissed off but I was returning it the day after cos there was a fault with it. *phew~

    Another time when someone brush her hand across my fortuny spy, for a split second I forgot to breathe. Cos there is a single direction to touch the leather or it will flip to reveal the turquoise underneath.

    My latest close call wasn't with my bag though, it was with a phone. I bought a brand new sliding mobile phone and the surface was rather shiny and mirrored = prone to scratches. A girl at the mobile shop tried to pry my phone open with her finger nails when she thought it was a flip phone. My heart almost sank.

  4. The words doorstop and Spy should never be in the same sentence! The nerve!
    And that bathroom thing is always an issue isn't it!
  5. Oh I would say a spill on your baby Spy definately entitles you to be pissed to say the least! Thats funny about the shiny part on your phone... I still have the plastic film on some of my hardware hehe.
  6. OMG, are you serious? :roflmfao: