Clive Owen - Pictures

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  1. I seriously have an unhealthy obsession with Clive Owen. Here are my two favourite pictures of him. :girlsigh:



    I wonder if he'd mind getting raped by a 23 year old girl. He should take it as a compliment :graucho: jk.. sort of. :P
  2. Clive Owen is hot!!! He's old and not really all that handsome but there is something soooo MAN about him.

    Esp that scene in Closer where he was telling Jude Law in his doctor's office how he got Julia Roberts back... sizzling!!!
  3. i love him. he's such a manly man, and with style too! apparently he was in the running to be the next James Bond, but then someone was struck blind and chose Daniel Craig instead :throwup:
  4. OH I love that scene!!! He is hot.

  5. Yes..I love that part too :love:
  6. Him in Beyond Borders with Angie him in that movie.
  7. Actually he declined that role because he didn't want to be type casted.
  8. Men can get pretty old before they lose it (provided they have it in the first place and Clive has it!!)
  9. Clive Owen has IT, you know? It's either you have IT or you don't and he definitely has!!!:love: And such brilliant actor too!!!:smile:
  10. Agree. =)
  11. It was said that he fell down or couldn't help laughing when AJ said he's sexy in real life. He didn't believe it, he's too modest!
  12. Ita!:yes:
  13. I wouldn't mind sitting at a cafe with him. Great actor IMO
  14. oooh yes he is gorgeous.
    He used to be in a show over here in the UK called Chancer when he was really young. Gosh, he was just as fit even then :biggrin:

    v yummy indeed
  15. Aww that's cute!