cles or key holder?

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Cles or Keyholder?

  1. Cles

  2. Keyholder

  3. Something else - fill in the blank please

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  1. i am looking at the vernis line, i think they are so adorable...
    but.... i can't decide if i want the cles or the key holder...
    i usually use my wallet to hold all my CC and changes...
    i have 4 keys + car key....
    i carry a damier speedy 25 with me to just about everywhere...

    what is your suggestion??
    which one do you like better?
    which one do you think i should get?
    which one is more functional?
  2. i prefer the key holder. somehow the Cles just doesn't appeal to me, and i just saw them in the Bloor St store in Toronto yesterday.
  3. Which one do YOU like?
  4. Cles!
    Although you don't need a change holder, the cles can hold misc. papers, little odds and ends...
    And it's really slim too...I have two cles and I don't own a key holder, but I still like the cles better.
  5. Between the two, I voted for the cles because you're not restricted to only 4 (or 6) keys on the key-holder and you can also carry CC-cards in the cles. However, if you absolutely like the key-holder look, I suggest you take a look at the Multicles Rabat (I think it's this one) which also has room for a couple of cards (check out in France)
  6. Just to let you know - the vernis cles is very slim and will not hold many credit cards. Its a very tight fit.
  7. go for the cles!
  8. Keyholder! I prefer the cles, but I don't think the Vernis cles would hold very many keys. Since it is patent leather there is not much give to it like ther would be with the canvas.
  9. Definitely the cles! I have several of them as well as two keyholders and I can't imagine life without my cles! It's my lifeline. I keep cc's, driver's license, MAC card, and receipts in it. The bad thing about the keyholder is it only holds keys. There is a small flap inside it that I guess you can put papers in, but I wouldn't chance it.
  10. All this cles talk has me thinking about finally getting something small from the vernis line. I REALLY like the perle :love: ... anyone know how well it actually holds up in terms of getting scuffs and color transfers? How easily does that actually happen? If I do get a cles and put it inside a MC red lined bag will color transfer onto it? Or is the red lining made well enough so no color can transfer? What if i put it inside an original monogram bag that has the brown fabric lining? How useful is the cles? What do you use it for? Do those who have it find themselves using it often? Do you usually use it alone or inside a handbag? How much more resistant to color transfers is the noisette compared to the perle as those are my 2 favorites?
  11. Melikemochi- I'd be very careful with a perle cles. I think you could have red/pink color transfer from your MC lining.

    I use my cerises cles everday with every bag. Next to my mono PTI, it's the workhorse of my LV collection.
  12. I vote for the Cles. I've got several of them and love them. I've gotten in the habit of keeping my license in there, so if I'm just driving my kids to school or my daughter to dance or something, I just grab that since I don't need my whole bag.
  13. Both?? =))
  14. ^^ Best idea ! :graucho:

    But personally, I like the cles !
  15. The cles is more useful--you can take it with you for a quick trip to the store, or use it for any occasion in which carrying a bag is unfeasible.