Clemence vs. Caissa Wallet

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  1. #1 May 8, 2016
    Last edited: May 8, 2016
    I'm looking for a new wallet to replace my current one, which is too bulky. I'm not the type to switch between wallets, so I need it to be able to fit inside my Eva and other smaller bags, as well as keep cash flat. So pretty much a smaller, thinner long wallet.

    I've been looking at the Clemence and Caissa, but haven't really made a decision yet. I decided against the Emilie due to the leather button. I think the Caissa is a good alternative for it with the gold button and unique design, but I'd be worried about the glazing cracking.

    I've also had my eye on the Clemence, but I don't know which version to get. Not sure if I like the colored zipper pull on the canvas ones. I'm not really a color person; I wish they had it in black with mono. I like the Empreinte version, but does the leather make the wallet more bulky than the canvas ones?

    I was also wondering if anyone has or has compared the Clemence with the Caissa. Right now I'm leaning toward the Clemence since zippy wallets are less likely to have glazing problems. The number of card slots aren't as important to me as the size. Which one is smaller, thinner, and takes up less space?
  2. I have the Clemence and really love it. It's really slim and compact. You can even fit an iPhone 6 inside it and zip it up! I did see the Caissa in the store and it's similar in style to the Emilie. The leather Clemence is not bulkier than the mono. I almost bought the Emp, but I loved the interior pop of color on the mono so I chose that instead.
  3. I'm actually thinking about the same question, but on my list there is also Zippy compact wallet. I also love the looks of Caissa and the fact that it has a gold button, which makes it such a tough choice. I used to have the newer style Emilie, which I just sold, and it started peeling after only a few months of use, so had to send it to France, so that they could remake the glazing.... So therefore, I think at least I am leaning towards the zippy style wallets for my next one as well. Hope this helped at all!
  4. I at first ordered the Caïssa wallet because I was attracted to the 'chessboard' damier ébène pattern, gold button, and hint of colour in the glazing. I ended up returning it though; for some reason, I found the actual wallet slightly underwhelming when it arrived. I now have the Clémence (in damier azur/rose ballerine) and love it — while both wallets are beautiful in their own ways, Clémence definitely has the edge in terms of having a slim, elegant, minimal shape. It has a very effortless feel to it. Caïssa is a bit quirkier perhaps (which I liked), more low-maintenance due to the DE print, but definitely a bit 'busier' and bulkier. I'd always been a snap-closure person, but the Clémence has won me over and become my first zippered wallet!
  5. Sorry I don't have a Cassia to compare, but I do have a mono Clemence and it fits in my Eva clutch perfectly with room for phone and a cles. The Clemence can also fit in an Alma bb, but a tight fit getting it into the mouth of the bag. You may not want to do this too often if you are worried about the zipper scratching.
  6. Thanks for your responses. After reading them, I'm likely gonna go for the Clemence. Now I need to figure out if I want it in DE, Mono Fuchsia, or Noir Empreinte :hrmm:
  7. Empriente! It's sooo soft... I love mine!
  8. I just got Clemence wallet in mono/rose ballerine today! Also looked at the Caissa wallet but somehow Clemence just felt better in my hand. Also I love to have those 8 card slots instead of 4. Good luck deciding! 😊
  9. I bought my Clemence at the same time as my St. Germain MM in Noir. I really liked the Emp Noir for the Clemence but when I saw the fun interiors on the Mono pieces, I went for the Hot Pink! I still might buy the Noir. I love this wallet so much!
  10. I like the clemence wallet compared to the caissa wallet. I have a thing with zip around wallets. I also like that the clemence has 8 card slots compared to the caissa which only has 4.