Cleaning with Coach

  1. My leather ottoman was looking a bit dull so I tried the Coach cleaner on it and it really looks great! I then used a bit on the leather sofa and it seemed to have more life to it as well.
    Who knew?
  2. That's awesome! Expensive cleaner, though! I'd use other leather cleaners on furniture instead of paying $10 a bottle for the Coach stuff.
  3. good to know that coach cleaners can be multi purpose! but i agree with beth, i would only use the coach cleaner in a drastic case because at $10/bottle it would be a WHOLE lot of $$$ to keep my leather furniture clean. thanks for posting that info though!!!
  4. this is good to know & thank you for the post !
  5. I have used another brand but the Coach one did a better job. I don't go through my cleaner that quickly, a bottle lasts me a long time and I got a deal on the last one $4 last year at the outlet.
  6. I have also used it a few times for my leather car seats. It works great