Cleaning Questions

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  1. I have two bags that I dont really care for ... but I do wear them occasionally ... anyway .. i dont care much for them because they got dirty!! the prada got dirty after just one week!! the burberry got dirty after a vacation we took in a smoggy city!! anyway ....
    what do you suggest? the burberry is that pink check ...... and teh prada is just a plain tan fabric ............. i could just die!! i used to like these bags but i have no idea what to do with them now!!!
  2. Can you ask at the boutiques?
  3. i did with the berberry .. but the prada not yet .. i will though if no one has any suggestions
  4. Hum... I actually always wonder what is the best way to clean many bags. I will have to call my grandma, probably one of the wisest ladies out there!! She always knows good things for cleaning, and I've been meaning to ask forever!

    It would be cool if we could all come up with a bunch of solutions we use for cleaning bags...:idea:
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