Cleaning my fendi spy leather with apple leather cleaner?

  1. Hi all! I just discovered a huge black mark on my red fendi spy bag. I bought the apple leather cleaner and apple leather conditioner kit today but i'm reading not so good reviews about the cleaner (color rubbing off?) so i need advice if any of you have used the apple leather cleaner and has had successful results with it? it also says that it should be used on leather that is not pre-treated. what does that mean?? help please. thanks guys :smile:
  2. I have used apple care cleaner and conditioner on lots of my bags including a blueberry spy and haven't encountered any problems. Although I know they recommend to not treat the leather on the care card but I didn't really have much choice as it got marked like yours I wouldn't have used it on my Fendi spy for the sake of it though.
  3. thanks *laura*! I used the apple cleaner and apple conditioner on my fendi spy last night. sadly, the marks did not come off :sad:
  4. Aww i am sorry for you.. You can send it to get the leather professionally cleaned I know there are a few very good 'handbag spas' in the US or try Fendi as I've noticed your planning to do in your recent post. It's horrible when these things happen but they do that's life I hope you can fix her! :smile: