Cleaning my Burberry

  1. Leaving a pen in my purse w/ my Burberry wallet was obviously not a good idea idea because there is not a pen mark on the side of it. Has this happened to anyone?? Is there anything I can do??? This is very upsetting :crybaby:
  2. have you taken it to a burberry boutique? tongith i can give you the number of one of my SAs in the riverside one, maybe he can help you out?
  3. I live 2 hours away from one so I haven't taken it in yet. I was thinking I might take it to the dry cleaner but I'm afriad they will ruin it...
  4. baby wipes
  5. No luck :sad:
  6. Do you have the nova check plaid material? The standard textured canvasy material with the coating?

    I used to have a tote in that material and got pen marks on it all the time. I found a spray of hairspray, letting it sit for 20 seconds while scrubbing with a soft toothbrush, then quickly rinsing it out with cool water got rid of ballpoint pen marks.

    Hope this works for you!
  7. Thanks! I'm off to look for hairspray now!