Cleaning Ivory Koobas

  1. Does anybody have a Kooba Sienna in Ivory?? It's pretty impossible to keep spotless, so how do you clean it?
  2. one of my friends has an ivory kooba sienna....i'm pretty sure she takes it to be professionally cleaned.....I know some fancy dry cleaners might do it.........also, places that work on shoes may know. I would look online. I know there are places that clean nice leather bags=)

    Good luck.....and I'll ask my friend if shes ever had hers cleaned;)
  3. Thanks, Beth, I'll have a look on the net and maybe ask my dry cleaner.
  4. I have a cream sienna that is a little dirty. I have wilsons leather lotion which says that it cleans but I haven't noticed much difference. I feel like it is more of a softener? I think I remember something on these boards about using Murphy's oil soap but I am not sure and scared to try without verifying! I tried doing a search but it is not working on my computer. do you guys clean your light colored leathers?
  5. I don't know about the murphy soap. That scares me. The owner of LovinMyBags told me that Woolite is a mild acceptable cleanser for bags but I have never tried it. I only use LovinMyBags Cleanser on my bags because at least I know it won't harm them. I'd go check out their site and maybe look into buying a cleanser through them.

    I have no light colored bags because I don't want to deal with this issue but a few in here have Cream bags and maybe they can help and tell you what they have tried.
  6. I have never owned a light colored Kooba so do not know what you need specifically for them.

    However, the vachetta leather on a Louis Vuitton is sometimes cleaned with a DRY Magic Eraser, you know, the kind used to clean fingerprints off of the wall. LV users only use it DRY, not moist. This method is talked about in the LV subforum and hailed by some as a good answer to their special kind of light leather.

    I used the Magic Eraser DRY on the light leather on my LV Petite Noe and it did help clean the darkened spots, lightening them enough so they faded in. Then I conditioned the leather to moisurize then protected with Appleguard.

    I DO NOT know what would occur on your Kooba with a one of these Magic Eraser. Know there is a solvent in the sponge that does the cleaning and maybe different leather would react differently.

    It might be worth a tiny try in a hidden area only if other cleaners do not work. I hold no responsibility for this advice so be wary when trying this.

    Another idea would be to send the Kooba to Barbara at lovingmybags and let her do the cleaning. It it is in bad shape that might be best, she knows what she is doing.

    Good luck.
  7. Do not use a magic eraser on a Kooba. It will remove the dye. Definitly go to Lovin My Bags and try whatever cleaner they recommend. If a really "tough" job, then it's best to send them the bag and let them do it. Well worth the price.
  8. I absolutely stand behind LMB cleaner. My ivory Lucy had some dark dirty areas towards the bottom of the bag on the sides (just regular dirt) and I took a little bit, rubbed it lightly with my finger, used that little shammy cloth that she sends and bingo! it was gone! I love that stuff...and I love the way it smells. It's sort of like a vanilla scent? :nuts:
  9. Hi I am the lucky owner of two Ivory lambskin Koobas:smile:, a Nishia and a Sienna. I haven't used the Sienna yet but I carried the Nishia a lot this summer and it got a bit grubby & yellowed.

    Does anybody have any tips for cleaning lambskin? It seems more delicate than the calf.

    Is there anything you can use to protect a light-colored bag before you use it?
  10. Hi Jenny, I have 3 Ivory Koobas, the Sienna among them. They are very fragile and as you have not yet used the Sienna, I recommend you spray it with some leather protector, Wilson is supposed to be a really good choice for Kooba. As for cleaning the one that got dirty, it depends on what stained the is hard to get off, general dirt comes off quite easily with a leather cleaner, just be careful not to rub too much..
  11. :tup:Thanks Maggie, I will try to find the Wilson leather protector. Some newspaper ink rubbed on the bottom of my Nishia, it's not that noticeable, but still! I'd like to keep my Ivory Sienna looking new.
  12. At the recommendation of a forum member, I got the Lovin' My Bags cleanser (the one they call Balenciaga cleanser) and used that with great results on a cream Sienna to clean a little spot on it. I then put several coats of Wilson's on it. So far, so good!
  13. I second this advice. I contacted someone from the Lovin'MYBags web site (Barbara?) and she recommended this cleaner for the "unfinished" Kooba the leather on my Ivory Marcelle which needs a serious cleaning after using it quite a bit this summer. I tried to use a leather cleaner I purchased at my local cobbler, and it stained the leather:cursing:, so I will be purchasing the other one for sure!

    Good luck!
  14. I'm just getting caught up on this thread. I have two ivory Koobas and a white one. So far, so good with all of them. But, I will have to get some of that cleaner. Thanks for the advice!
  15. Which one is white, youngster?