Cleaning Hermes scarves

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  1. Helllo, I need help...I have a beautiful old Hermes scarf...(which I love) and I was out to dinner and a client spilled red wine on it. Can you believe it, and it was client so I could not :cursing: but I wanted too. Does anyone know where I could get the scarf cleaned. The second question is I have a pretty grey pink scarf (looks like an accordian) I am not sure of the name and some of the pleats are gone. Is there any way I could get it that a word.

    Thanks so much
  2. Did you try salt????? Or white wine?

    You can have your scarf repleated at Hermes but it takes ages and is quite costly.
  3. Let's scarves, go here:

    Cleaning Scarves

    and I think that is a plisse scarf you are describing. You can get them re-plissed. There is a thread about that as well.
  4. We have a great deal of info on a little search and you will find all you need.
  5. molly and jake,

    You could take it to a dry cleaner that specializes in delicate fabrics. Just make sure your drycleaner does not press the scarf to take the folds out ( if you like the folds).

    I have used a spray cleaner to remove stains on mine that I picked up at JoAnn's Fabric ( can't remember the name). If you purchase anything like a commercial solvent, just make sure it is ok to use on silk.

    Hermes will restore plisse scarves that have lost their pleating.
  6. Not sure about red wine (probably won't competely come off) but any reputable dry cleaner can clean it for you. If the hems on your scarf are still fresh and plump, ask the dry cleaner not to iron them flat. The hems are hand rolled and it would be a pity if the dry cleaner irons them flat.