Cleaning Faridah Luxy in Chalk?

  1. Help! I've been the proud owner of a MbMJ Faridah Luxy hobo and zip clutch in chalk since February, and they're both starting to get dinghy on the corners, etc. I tried baby wipes on the bottom of the handbag and had some success...I don't know how either of them are getting so dirty, I am cautious of not sitting the bag or the clutch on counters, floors, chairs, etc. so it must be that the oils from my own hands are rubbing off on the zip clutch and I am just not careful enough with the hobo itself.

    Please, don't tell me to go ask my SA...I purchased both from my favorite upscale, privately owned midwestern department store and those ladies don't know jack about any of the lines they carry (Burberry, Monsac, KateSpade, Coach, and Dooney)...I bought a Burberry NovaCheck tote a few weeks ago and when I asked the SA what it was made of she didn't even know. :sweatdrop: I think I need to start going to the actual stores instead of relying on this department store, but the one perk of this dept. store is that I have a credit account there that is interest free, so I continue to shop there.

    I hope someone can give me some advice...I love this bag and ZC, and want to use it at least through the coming fall and winter months and hopefully beyond. TIA!
  2. I have the same bag in chalk (love her!). I'm just getting some discoloration on the handle after a couple of months, but I had sprayed a water and stain repellant when I got it. I would try a good shoe repair place for cleaning. Good luck.
  3. i have the softy hobo in chalk. i've found that using a leather cleaner like appleguard or coach really helps. i know you can order it online, but i can't find the link right now. you can do a forum search, and i'm sure more information will come up about it. good luck!