Claudia's Sojourn To View Sale Chanel Bags At Boca Nm -

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  1. Ladies! today i waltzed into NM (like that's a new undertaking for me....i practically know the names of all the SAs' ancestors am there so much :P) and saw all their Chanels currently on sale. I think they are all at least 30% off...........There was not alot but:
    1. pink caviar PST - dont know price - gorgeous!
    2. baby mint green caviar bag (kind of looks like a cross between a football and a doctors bag) with quilting and big embossed CC on one side, leather handles like those on the medallion tote - in the $800's (it says "large tote" on the ticket but its about the size of the Cotton Club camera case Bag...just shaped differently
    2. lilac east west fairly big bag (leather) with C H A N E L written on one side - dont know price
    3. baby animal totes both in black print and pink print, reduced from $2250 to $1507..............(these are not the diaper bags but the authentic tote............almost as big as the diaper but not quite. The difference in the two also is, the diaper is terry cloth and doesnt have a shoulder strip or the gold CCs on either side of it (on the pockets), while the tote has these features. As well as the baby animal ladybug charm. The diaper bag is adorable but i think its at Saks here on sale, not at NM
    4. A fab microfiber big black backpack with silver CC clasp, in the classic flap style, also had chain straps attached to the backpack straps, perfect for a student...i think its in the $600's
    5. Amazing navy blue quilted reissue flap (not the traditional reissue, but a new take on it) -- i dont remember price i know, shoot me now!!! :Push:
    6. small Mademoiselle in that very very light mint green shade (not as pretty a green as the bag referred to above)

    CALL SABRINA (the Chanel specialist) at the Chanel boutique at NM, Town Center Mall, Boca Raton, ASAP or these babies will be gone with the wind...............(561) 417-5151
    if you get her voice mail only, leave the message that Claudia referred you and you want to discuss and/or buy a bag............that way if you mention me she may be more likely to call you back quickly (i am a frequent customer/browser LOL)
    good luck!!
  2. the PST was on sale?
  3. lilac east/west sounds interesting
  4. yes Swanky! in that yummy shade of true pink.......... omg
    actually it may have been the one that zips up completely, not with the zipped compartment in the middle and the 2 open areas on either not sure, i am 5'1" and bag was up high and i was in delirium and feeling a rapid pulse anyway because of excitement so didnt attempt to climb up the wall to check on the bag more carefully like would be my usual action :P
  5. thanks for the info...what color was the chain on the blue reissue?
  6. That's so wierd!! I was in there today but must have missed the pink pst and the lilac e/w. :crybaby:Shoot, now I might have to go back tomorrow and look like a stalker. I did see a beautiful coral tote with logo imprinted on the front for $1500, down from $2100.
  7. oh, could that be the coral bowler?

  8. was that the coral bowler or the bigger tote??
  9. wow - the lilac must be beautiful :smile:
  10. it was definately NOT a bowler. it was a large tote with a chain but not the classic chain. I'm sorry I can't describe it that well, I just remember having never seen the bag before.
  11. that's the best selection I read by far...
  12. Sabrina isn't a great SA! I called her many time & left her many messages. She called me back & said that she will email the pic of Chanel on sale, which she never did. I like Lisa Hamlin from Troy better, she responds promtly. Does any one has the same problem with Sabrina?
  13. Not personally, but yes I have heard from other members she does not return phone calls.:tdown: