1. hi anybody has bought for this website before? are they geniner authentic items or the prices are too good to be true? please help! im very close of buying a purse or two.:confused1: Designer Handbags
  2. The prices are so low!
    Sounds too good to be true :s
    They do have an authenticity claim, but anyone can lie.

    Anybody have any experience with them?

    I just want to be extra careful :smile:
  3. I'd stay away -- they are not an authorized dealer/retailer according to their disclaimer:

    Classy Luxury Handbags is not an authorized retailer, dealer or agent of Gucci®, Christian Dior®, Fendi®, Prada®, JP Tod's®, Marc Jacobs®, Burberry®, Luella®, Balenciaga®, Celine®, Coach®, Dooney & Bourke®, or any other designer label.

    I also do not trust any internet site that doesn't have a phone number and physical street address listed.
  4. good advice lorihmatthews!!!!
  5. Thanks so much!
    An emerald balenciaga for less than $1000 sounded too good to be true...
  6. I want to buy a couple of Gucci handbags and was wondering if anyone knows the authenticity of this website: They claim to be 100% authentic. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. 10% restocking fee + no physical address = bad news. Avoid!
  8. I agree. If there is no adress, this is a bad sign. To me, the pictures look like as they have been taken from another side.
  9. Hi, I understand there are alot of websites that are scams, but not all of them are. I see 95% negative remarks about alot of sites and maybe they are, I cant speak for them. As for classyluxuryhandbags, I made my very 1st online purchase with them. I spent almost $250 or something. It was item #8BR423 beige/black large Fendi (Compilation) bag. Of course, I was petrified it being fake! It came 6-9 days and it was better than what I had expected. The buckle had a key that was'nt even menrtioned in the ad, which of course is a plus! I've had this bag for 5yrs now. Its been thru 2kids, makeup stains & many more. The leather has distressed in time the way it should. I can't say enough about the purse. I cant speak for every handbag on the site but my Fendi bag was a blessing. Oh and they do have an address & phone number. Thanks for reading, hope this helps!:smile:
  10. welcome - a site there only have one stock photo of the bag !!!!!!!!!

    Because you have used a bag for 5 years, does not make the bag real.
    You are welcome to post some pic of your bag, and the girls can tell you real or fake

    you found this oooold post - but did you use the search function ?? you would find a lot of post about this site selling fake.