classy backpacks

  1. newbie here. searched for posts on backpacks and alas the don't seem to be many. not with backpack in the subject line anyway.

    i did find one where someone wanted to find cool backpacks for her grandmother...

    i carry only backpacks to save wear and tear on the, uh, back - recommended long ago by my chiropractor and it seems to work. also keeps me from buying too many bags. the dilemma, of course, is the dearth of handsome, classy backpacks. i don't carry bags w/logos so the old standby Vuitton is out. i have several tignagnellos and some terrific quirky european backpacks found here and there - mainly but infrequently at Loehmann's. my everyday is a wonderful leather and canvas black Coach that was unearthed at TJMaxx years ago.

    so the question is, where are the gorgeous, glorious backpacks?

  2. That's a tough one...! Longchamp has a simple backpack that is elegant, in leather, comes in several colors, and also, Dooney & Bourke has had some backpacks in the past. Hope this helps.
  3. What size and price range are you seeking?
  4. Zappos was a great idea. Unfortunately I'm looking for brown or soft green. I'm tempted to say price no object as I've just discovered that Hermes did, in fact, make a sort of backpack which I saw pix of but was sold at Portero auctions....
  5. Longchamp, definitely.
    I think Prada made a nylon backpack a while back and so did Coach.
    LV also had a backpack a while back.

    Zappos is definitely a great idea, and there was another site too although I really can't think of it right now... :push:
  6. oh drool- an Hermes backpack- wow!!

    LV has had a lovely one in the past but my bet it would be small. Maybe if they had an epi, non monogram one, you would be interested.

    what would you be using the backpack for?
  7. there is an LV large monogram backpack - Montsouris (comes in a medium and large) I have the large, and it holds a lot of stuff. It is about the size of a typical school backpack, IMO. I think they are pretty easy to find from reputable resellers on eBay, etc. if you don't want to buy new.
  8. I would go with the Longchamp leather backpack. I've seen a few people carrying them and they are a very classic shape.
  9. louis vution backpacks incluse

    ellipse backpack (monogram)
    montsouris (monogram)
    soho (damier)
    mabillon (epi leather)
  10. Have you tried Libaire. I bought a back pack from them . You pick the stlye backpack you want then pick the color leather and then the color of the harware. I love mine. Its not to big and has lots of organization pocket on the inside and it can take the bad weather here and still looks new.