Classic/Vintage bag release dates

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  1. Does anyone know if of a site or a reference page that lists the year the classic bags were released? Bags like the Willis, Janice's Legacy, the Station, Court, etc....? I've always been a huge fan of them & recently purchased a couple off ebay; I was just curious as to when some of them were originally released.
  2. You can try the Internet Wayback Machine for purses from 1998 and later (though I can't get any of the 1999 links to work). The purses that you mention are older than that, though they were still being sold as the "classic" line in the late 90's. I am sort of curious about the dates myself. Let us know if you find anything helpful!
  3. There's nothing like that available, you just have to ask about each bag individually and hope someone either remembers when it came out or has access to the catalog it was introduced in.
  4. I'm carrying my Court bag right now & a coworker commented that she had one & was pretty sure she carried it in the early 80s. I can believe that & that was what got me thinking in that direction; I, too, can remember these bags being sold as "Classic" in the late 90s. I worked in a dept store then & remember them being under lock & key & to see one, you had to listen to an SA ramble on about them! LOL! The word "classic" popped up more than once when the SA tried to sell me a Willis that, at that time, I couldn't afford!