Classic q Natasha

  1. Would like to know,what you think of this bag Do any of you own it? Thoughts?
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    I have 3, and find them very functional as well as stylish. The pleating is my favorite part of every Classic Q design, but I think it looks especially good on the Natasha.
    I am just under 5'5" and I can carry the Natasha as a shoulder bag or cross-body, just adjusting the strap as needed. There is a pocket that the zipper on the flap opens into, and that is great for putting your wallet/passport/cash in when you're out and about.

    The Natasha is on the smaller side as far as Classic Q goes. It is larger than the Lil Ukita, but not much. If I had to, I could stuff a bottle of water, iPod, cell phone, gloves, and a flat rectangular MBMJ makeup pouch (more than half full) in it.

    As it is, I generally carry all that but the bottle of water, but as I've been traveling I've had to carry a large full passport case and museum pamphlets, etc. and it's worked fine, though it does get a bit heavy.

    I have a black one, a Mink one (lavender gray) and a Berry Haze one (purple-pink, the one in my profile pic) and because of the functionality I get more use out of them than any of my other Classic Qs. Hope that helps, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
  3. Hi there, newbie here, I am usually at the LV forum and this is my first foray into MBMJ bags :smile:.
    Just wondering if the Natasha ever had a flat/rectangular bottom as opposed to the ruched/pleated bottom? I tried searching in the forum and even went through all the pages on the just pictures thread but nothing yet.
  4. I've only ever seen pleated.
  5. Yes, that's what I am finding also. I ended up getting one from eBay so once I get it will have it authenticated here, should have known better however the seller seem to be well known for selling only authentic bags and I was hoping that maybe it was an earlier version of the Natasha.
  6. I believe it did have a flat bottom, and have seen some on eBay in the old style. If you look at the black Natasha on Bloomingdale's site, you can see that it looks different from the ones that are being produced now, and I think it's just an old picture of a bag in the original design.
  7. Hi Anonymous13, thanks for the info, that's a relief to know that there were previous versions with a flat bottom, LOL. Should be getting the bag any day now, once received will post in the authenticate thread. Cheers. :smile:
  8. This honestly is my fav bag! I owe 3 , I bought mine from Bagheera Boutique Roma and one from Shopbop .I travel regularly and this bag is so versatile , it even has a secret zipper that opens a back pocket :smile:My fav one is Bordeaux :smile:
    The leather is so smooth and beautiful, it also ages great :smile:

    Highly recommend!:biggrin:
  9. one of my favourite bags!
  10. I'm thinking of getting one too.

    To anyone who owns one:
    Do you think the bag is too big to bring out on a casual night out to a bar or pub?
    I like to bring my full wallet with me and some makeup so I'm in need of a bigger purse, right now I use a Percy or Karlie.
  11. No way, I would take a Natasha on a night out. Hell, I've taken my Balenciaga Giant City on a night out before! I think it's more to do with how the bag looks than the size. I wouldn't consider a slouchy old worn-in Mulberry Alexa to look the part on a night out, but if a bag has just that slight blingy edge (which most of the Natasha's do, depending on colour) and it goes perfect with your outfit, then no one would bat an eyelid and think you were carrying the 'wrong' bag.
  12. MERDE - I am selling my black classic Q Natasha if you are interested. It's in pristine condition. PM me if interested.
  13. I own this bag and love it. My only issue is with the magnetic closure. It can be very difficult to open because of the strength of the magnetism. Sometimes I'm afraid that I would damage the bag trying to open it.