Classic flap in glazed lambskin or caviar leather???

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  1. I absolutely love the glazed lambskin--it is so gorgeous. But, it is so soft I am afraid it might lose its shape over time. So, assuming I could find a black with silver h/w (preferably at Saks) before tomorrow, would that be the "smarter" purchase??
  2. I had a similar dilemma choosing between caviar and normal lambskin. I didn't like caviar, it was just hard and synthentic for my taste and not as luxurious as the lamb. The glazed lamb may withstand more than the normal lamb so I would go for that. I do think that lambskin would lose it shape a little, but depends how you care for it. If you stuff it when you store it, it should be fine. Also check out some vintage lambskins on eBay. Some of these still look great.
  3. I agree about the caviar leather. I just don't love it. But, I do love this lambskin. It is so fine. I just don't know if I am a lambskin girl at this point in my life--2 little kids and a stay at home mom. I have learned with Chanel, though, that if you love something, you'd better get it because you may not be able to find it later!