Classic Black Coffer or Pink Square tote? Help me choose!

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  1. Ok - I called the Miu Miu store in NY and they have a classic black Coffer which I have been lusting after for about a year. I also really like a pink tote that another purse forum member showed everyone in a thread about the coffer. So, now I'm torn - go with the Classic black coffer or go for the new pink tote? Help me choose!

    Here are pics.
    blackcoffer.jpg pinktote.jpg
  2. Since you've been lusting for the Coffer so long, I'd get that one first.

    Then later you can get the other too. BTW, that pink bag is TDF!!!:drool:
  3. ^^agreed. Seems like you've been wanting the coffer for awhile now. Go get it and make your heart content. :smile:
  4. I wasn't a coffer fan until miu2 converted me with her family of gorgeous coffer beauties. I finally managed to track down the black coffer and I LOVE IT! You won't regret the coffer. It's incredible. Very classy looking and perfect all year round. I've been searching for the perfect black bag and the coffer is PERFECT.

    You will love the deep pockets, softness of the leather, oh gosh, it's like a perfect smooshy pillow. If you've been lusting after it, go for it. It's been out since late 2006 and still a very hot item. I'm planning to get it in a few more colors although I'm not match for miu2!

    I'm also the forum member who posted the pink tote. I love the color for spring. But of course, I also have the black coffer. Hee.

    The pink tote also comes in grey and black. The grey is TDF!!!

  5. Coffer!!
  6. It's really hard to decide... comparing those bags is like comparing apples and oranges.

    I honestly didn't know the black coffer is hard to find. I thought this was the staple color and the coffer is a classic design so I was under the impression it would be around a while. I could be completely wrong of course, but I'm sure someone here at the forum can shed more light into this.

    Don't get me wrong, the coffer is TDF. Linpaddy described it wonderfully and it is one of my most favorite purchase! I also plan on getting more of the coffer in other colors once I can afford to. I would definitely recommend purchasing the coffer to anyone!

    The pink tote you showed, which Linpaddy posted earlier, is also beautiful. I believe this is a seasonal style so it would definitely be harder to get one by the end of the season, I would assume.

    If it were me and I had to choose(this is under the assumption that miumiu will keep producing black coffers, of course), I would pick the seasonal bag... only because I've had sad experiences when it comes to passing over bags I could no longer get. I could always save up for the coffer as my second purchase (it never stops at one).

    However, if it turns out that the black coffer is in any danger of being phased out, I would get it in a heartbeat.. no questions asked.

    I just reread your post... and really, if you've been lusting over the coffer for more than one year... get it! Don't let the new fads/styles sidetrack you - otherwise, you'll never be able to get it. You won't regret the purchase either way. The coffer is a really special bag... It's one of the reasons Miu Miu is still around.

    Good luck with your decision. Don't forget to post pics of whichever you get.
  7. I've seen the pink tote in real life, and while it is gorgeous... it's got nothing on the coffer! Plus, since you've been wanting that for a long time... I say go for the coffer!:tup:
  8. Just thought you should know that there is an authentic black coffer on ebay right now which is currently at just over $600 with only 2 days left. Maybe you can win that one at a low price AND have enough left over to buy BOTH!!!

    But if that's not an option, you probably know that my choice would be COFFER!!! :tup:
  9. I think miu2 found the perfect solution for you. Way to go miu2!!! This is one of the reasons I love tPF ;)
  10. Both are gorgeous, but I'd go for the Coffer since you've been lusting after it for so long. I'm biased though because I have one! :P It is one of the best bags I have ever bought -- hands down.
  11. The one that miu2 posted on ebay is def authentic. She knows her stuff, believe me!
  12. Thanks again everyone. I'm avidly watching the one on ebay and will let you know if I win the auction on Sunday. Then i can post pictures of my first Miu Miu! And especially thanks to Miu2!
  13. Yup, that's the one!! :tup: Good luck, I hope you win it!! :okay:
  14. OMG, you're so bad, miu2! :lol: