CLASS or TRASH?? CL Tiger patent boots

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  1. Hi Ladies~

    I purchased these CL patent tiger "Pretty Woman" boots off of e**y last night. I have heard these run quite small. I wear 35.5 in CLs and I think they will fit~~ What is your honest opinion?? I couldn't decide if they were TOO over the top...the price was $475, AND I had some red wine, so it was a bit of an impulse buy!! :p he he

    I will post some modelling pics when I get them. ( I guess the only thing I could wear with them is all black, b/c of the print~~)

  2. Honestly I don't think I can ever wear those out; they are a tad better than the all-leopard-pony-hair knee-high boots though. Both went down to $199 during Nordies' final clearance sale and I think there might still be a few pairs left.
  3. As long YOU'RE wearing the boots and the boots aren't wearing you then they will look great, but these should be reserved for very specific events and outfits, don't think you could wear these very often.
    And of course there is one place that I am sure an SO would love to see you where them.;) Sorry if that's too graphic!
  4. wahhhh i think it takes lots of guts to wear those out. IMO, if i ever do wear a pair of leopard print boots out, i would be consider myself very brave.. but then again, i'm not a prints kind of girl. if you do all black / monochrome colors, the boots probably would be fine.
  5. Honey, I think you can do it an be fierce! I agree with the all monochrome, too. Just remember, if you feel like they are too much, you can always cover a lot of it with a pantleg!!
  6. Thanks for the info ladies~ now to hear that I overpaid~~AHHHH-oh well...I will be sure to post some pics when they arrive. Thanks Biloxi about the pantleg tip-that will downplay them for sure ;)
  7. i think they are OTT
  8. On me, they would be trashy. I can't pull of very much animal print.
  9. I think it would look classy w/ a long pencil skirt--maybe a little past knee to mid calf length...
    0055.JPG 775_large.jpg
  10. They're definitely attention-getter! I think if you keep the rest of your outfit very simple in neutral color, they could work very well. xnplo's suggestion above is great!
  11. I think they could definitely work with black trench, black or beige pencil skirt etc. I agree with keeping the rest very neutral and clean. I somehow imagine them great on Angelina Jolie :smile:.
  12. No way are they trash! I could never wear them, but if you have to have the right attitute to pull it off, lots of confidence and an all black outfit...maybe...they sure aren't wallflower boots ;).
  13. ^I agree--as long as you keep the outfit neutral, they could look great. They would be more versatile if you wore pants or jeans over them, too.
  14. I think they would look great with a long pencil skirt and black pants, etc.. That is a beautiful boot and the cheapest I have seen it is $500, so you got a great deal because it retailed for $1395!!! I bought a 39 that didn't fit so now I am selling it on eBay. :sad:

    It is beautiful toe and heel! You will love it!
  15. Lynn~ I miss Southpark! I used to live off Queens Rd~(now I live in PA)I saw your avatar and it made me smile...