Clarks protector on sand Uggs?

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  1. Hi!:smile: I have just bought mine and am afraid the colour may darken if I use products other than ugg brand.
    I wonder if anyone sprayed sand ugg boots with clarks protector? .
    Which product from UK can you advise against stains and rains?
    Which stores stock Ugg care kit and how much does it retail for?
    Thank you so much:heart:
  2. hi i just bought an ugg care kit after a year and about umm 4 months of wear and tear and its a genious! really bought them up!

    TO begin with though i just used barratts suede spray on them and they were fine! great, the colour changed to begin with but then they dry and are great! and it smells lush! like bubblegum haha!

    mine are chesnut but im sure sand is pretty similar, theyre designed to protect the boot arent they! good luck!

    oh and where about in the UK are you? alot of stores are stocking the protector now! do you have a BANK near you? i no they do it! i got mine from cricket in liverpool but i know that bank stock them, not sure where else though! check online!
  3. Thank you Gucci_girl_gg :smile:

    I guess I am gonna try the clarks protector. If Barrats' work good then this should also be fine...
    Actually I had a chance to go the UGG store in Westfield London. They told me definitely not to use anything else:wtf: Then I purchsed only a protector from them. Beacuse the kit was sold out. I had to leave it in the UK though and come back to Turkey for a while, I was only carrying a hand luggage.
    Anyway hope we all wear them in good health :smile: