Clarisonic Aria

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  1. Has/does anyone used this device?

    Part of me wants to buy it but, another part of me doesn't due to the pricing and not knowing other people's views, experience. Please can you share.
  2. Get it! Best investment for my skin by far. I use the sensitive brush and it works great. Use your own cleanser, anything is great as long as it doesn't contain particles.
  3. Hows it different from the Mia or original?
  4. I have it, and I like it a lot, but not because it's Aria. I heard that the key difference is that it has the usb charger. I only use 1 speed out of whatever the Aria has. I say compare the speed at sephora or any other stores so you get the idea. If you r like me, and you wud just use 1 speed, I say go for the cheepest clarisonic :smile:
  5. I'm most likely will get it. My down side is should i get Clarisonic PLUS which is for the body as well?

    It's a differentence of £25.
  6. i have an aria and love it. i only got it because i needed to use some points from my amex and it was the only clarisonic. i feel like it gets my skin cleaner than i ever could just using my hands.
  7. I'm going to have to cave and buy this. I'm most likely will go for the plus. :smile: Thanks ladies for your input. :flowers: