Clampless curling iron

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  1. Does anyone use a curling iron without the clamp? I'm debating if I should get the Sultra Bombshell. Has anyone used this? Is it easy to use and create good curls?

    Thanks in advance! :]
  2. Hi i just got one from a mall in singapore :smile: the brand is different but it's also clampless. It took a few tries before i got the hang of it but for me i like it better than the ones with the clamp and the curls last longer. I just have to find a thicker glove ;)
  3. I have an Enzo Milano I got from a friend. I really like it. Its more for creating a wavy look than curls. I would use a regular curling iron or a flat iron if you want curls
  4. I took the clamp off of one of my older curling irons. It works great! Super easy to use and creates great curls.
  5. That is a great idea! I would have never thought of.
  6. Why do we not want the clamp anymore? Mine has one... it took me a while to figure out how to use it without crimping my hair by accident. :P
  7. i was in the US last week (ah Chicago ... you're an awesome city!) and i picked up the Sultra one from Sephora and i LOVE it.

    I used to just use a wide barrel curling iron and wrap my hair around it but for some reason the Sultra one works a zillion times better, quicker and the curl really lasts.

    I love it - its worth every penny.
  8. Makes me want my long hair back.

    I would have killed for one of these last year.
  9. I have an enzo milano one and i'm OBSESSED! so easy to use
  10. I'm not sure which to get...the enzo Milano or the sultra...any suggestions?
  11. My curling rod is from jose eber. Love it! Can curl and make waves in my hair easily now :biggrin:
  12. These irons make me think of the method Joey Maalouf always uses to do Rachel Zoe's hair and I'm not even sure if he uses a clampless to do it.

    I know Rachel likes the Sultra, but there are so many style of these irons now. The ones that are thinner at the base and vice versa. I would check out some youtube reviews.
  13. Mine is the medium sized one. Love it! Ü
  14. Hmm I've always had curling irons with a clamp, except I never use the clamp. I just wrap sections of hair around (from roots to end, not the other way around) and just hold the ends. It created perfect waves for me! I was going to get the Sultra Bombshell from Sephora as well, to replace my old curling iron, but I decided to save money and just got a Hot Tools curling iron instead. It works wonders.
  15. I picked up the Conair infinity at Target. Only $39. Works Awesome. Super fast, easy and holds curl all day