CL yoyo pumps: you think the heels are too thin? any1 have problems with them

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  1. I love the [​IMG] pumps, but was wondering if any1 have it or feel that the heels are too thin? will it easiy break or fall off? any1 have them and have problems with them????? thank you.
  2. I have the patent yoyos with the thin heel. I love the shoes and get lots of compliments, but I have had problems. By the second or third time I wore these shoes, the heel lift shifted upward into the red on the heel. By the time I wore the shoes a few more times, the heel lift was completely worn out.

    I didn't do a lot of walking in these shoes, even though I work in NYC. In contrast, I have other CL styles that I have worn a lot longer before they needed a trip to the cobbler. These shoes are definitely delicate.
  3. Interesting experience Stinam. I have yet to add this style to my collection. I have the yoyo zeppa with the platform and don't have a problem with them.
  4. stinam - what do you mean lifted? oh oh..i'm afraid if i have these shoes..i will have problems or defects.......plz explain what do u mean lifted? also did u go to local repair for the heels?? thx