CL-tPFer sighting??

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  1. Today, I made it a mission try on CLs at places I've never been--as many as I could before the SA started looking annoyed. :P I was at Barneys in Beverly Hills and then I went to Saks, in BH as well. Both times there started off not many people in the CL section, but there was suddenly a flood of girls trying on shoes!

    So I wonder if I saw anyone here but not know it... I was girl w/ dark hair, white tank top, blue jeans and suede Wallis cork wedge; I was with my SO who was wearing camo shorts and green Crocs. Anyone see me? :biggrin:
  2. I didn't see you cause I'm stuck in the basement of the Arizona State University Library (currently giving my brain a break!) BUT I have to ask, Did you get anything!? and how was the selection at both stores!?
  3. Yes, do tell what did you try on?
  4. Yes I wanted to know as well what all did you try on??? Sounds fun! Wish I had been there. Right now I am recovering from sinus and deviated septum surgery.
  5. At Barneys, there was such a selection! I've never been, so I'm walking around all wide-eyed, overly excited and a little squealy... :lol: There were Iowa Zeppas there in croc! :nuts: ...Out of my league, so I walk away. :Push:
    I tried on the Joli in nude and black; they're so lovely, like everyone's been saying. :love:
    I tried the Minibout in black and raspberry. It's a good thing I did, because I've been fantasizing about the raspberry one, but turns out that color doesn't look good against my skin... That's one down. :sweatdrop:
    I tried the Decollete in black jazz and camel jazz. Again good thing, because the camel azz was not a flattering color (according to SO). I ended up loving the black jazz more than I thought I would; that's going on my list!
    I tried the Passmule wedge in that bright blue and that shoe was awesome! I should listen to SO more; he was the one that took the shoe off the stand (not looking at the size of course, thinking that everything just fits) and handed it to me to put on. The fit was surprisingly comfy and so light when walking with it.
    I tried the Simple in patent bubble gum... Um, pass.
    I tried the Simple in patent blue (not sure what the color name on this one is either), but I voted to pass on these also. I was surprised; looking at the colors on these two simples on the posts, thought would be more yummy. I think it's just my skin color; it's more difficult than I thought. Perhaps a TAN would cure this... :beach:
    I tried the suede Fontanete in suede taupe and suede purple. SO shot down the taupe and 'yay'-ed the purple. Beautiful color, that purple suede, but I think I will look forward to trying the leather version.

    Okay, dinner reservation is close... Will be back after dinner to further detail my adventure! :flowers:
  6. Wow! I can only dream of going in a store to try them on. Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for passing on the info on the Passmule! Hope you have a great dinner..
  7. ooooooooo
    Sounds yummmyyy!

  8. YAY I can't wait to go!!!! I myself am thinking about both the purple and taupe fontanetes too!!! I was able to try on the fuchsia ones at saks NYC but they were too big and didn't have the other size :crybaby: I just hope they have my size in these shoes when its time to see Mr. Louboutin! I hope you have a great dinner!:smile:

    ps While you were at Barney's were you able to ask or was it mentioned to you that CL would be there for a signing?? Any info on the date change?
  9. I was over there 1 1/2 weeks ago and I saw the YoYo Zeppa (if I remember correctly) in croc at NM. I can't remember the color, but I think they were green. They were $4K+!! Did you see them?

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
  10. Yes, I asked one of the SAs and he said the signing is on the 7th w/ a preview of the new collection to pre-order. He also said that their policy is to hold shoes for only 2 days. I didn't ask for any exceptions, since I just met him. Maybe RRSC's SA might might make a special exception, if we mention R referred us.

    Yes, I think there was also a pair of croc slingbacks! I was more distracted by the Iowa Zeppa in croc b/c I didn't realize that would be a style they'd consider making in croc--as opposed to Rolando, NPs, VPs. I looked at the shoe but didn't flip it over to look at the price... I was scared I'd drop it in shock... :sweatdrop:
  11. Okay, back from dinner and continuing my adventure...

    After Barneys, we went to Saks. I've never been to this particular Saks, so I was again surprised by the huge selection!
    I tried the Joli d'orsay again, but this time in patent red and patent yellow. OMG, they looked so neat! :love: Even SO was surprised how gorgeous the yellow shoe looked on! :nuts:
    I tried the Lady Gres for the first time, in bordeaux, and the way the shoe fits, it's like a glove! The right size in that thing, definitely works wonders and feels fantastic on.
    I tried the Minibout in taupe, since Barneys didn't have that color. The taupe was a better color fit for my skin tone; this one's on the to-get list.

    Ultimately, it was quite a fruitful trip. I learned so much more about the fits, the colors that match my tone, the styles that match my foot... it was quite a treat. I did not get anything this round, but I wish Barneys had those patent Jolies; I would have wanted to get a signature on that shoe! :yes:

    Thank you for tuning in... :flowers:
  12. You are so cute xnplo ;)
    What an adventure you had! Wish I could spend the day trying on a gazillion CL's too! :woohoo:
  13. Fun thread--thanks for sharing! I can't wait for the fall collection ALREADY!
  14. Sounds like a great time, xnplo! And a very descriptive almost made me drool. lol
  15. xnplo What fun! Thank you for sharing your experience!
    I am shocked that you had the willpower to walk away without shoes.
    You are my hero! :flowers: