CL Slingback Espadrille question!

  1. Hello Ladies..
    I was thinking to buy CL Espadrille style..but before that I would like to hear from ladies if this style is comfy and also about size..
    I have CL T-strap which is 39.5 but
    Barney's NY CL Slingback Espadrille size comes in US size 8 or 9?
    so help me leaides~
  2. I'm a 9.5 and neither the 39 or 40 worked for me. The 39 was too small and the 40 was too big. I am glad I tried them on in store and didn't order off the internet because they would have gone back. They are the only CL shoe I've found that just hasn't worked for me. I did think that they were comfortable aside from the size factor though.
  3. I'm an 8, and the 8s were a wee bit tight (but not uncomfortable) and the 9 was falling off my feet.
  4. THANK YOU LADIES..:smile::heart:
  5. I ordered a pair of CL platform slingback espadrilles from Saks earlier this season. They were red gingham and soooo adorable. I wear a 7 and ordered them in 37 and they fit perfectly. So I would say they are definitely true to size.

    I ended up returning them because the sling didn't stay up behind my heel. They were designed for the sling to sit too low - I found it annoying.:crybaby:
  6. I have the tie-up style ... they run truer to size than other CLs because apparently they're made in Spain (or so my SA told me). They're very comfortable and easy to walk in. They're also a lot more versitile than I thought they'd be.
  7. im usually a 7.5 or 8. the size 38 is too tight and the 39 is big, so forget it!
  8. Are you talking about Louboutin "My T-Strap"? Those are 1/2 size tighter than most ppl's Louboutin size in closed toe shoes. They fit like decolettes. Go down 1/2 size from those, and go down further still if you end up with .5 size (since espadrilles don't come in .5 sizes).

    Example: My T-Straps are size 40.0; take the espadrilles in 39.0. My T-Straps are 40.5, take espadrilles in 40.

    Yes, these are made in Spain.

    And don't forget to ASK for a dustbag -- CL espadrilles don't come with them.
  9. Thanks ladies~~>>fatefullotus,shoptfs,shoeangel,ahertz~~