CL shoes falling apart?

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  1. I'm not a shoe girl but I treated myself to a pair of Christian Louboutin's last week. They are super cute flat espadrille's. Anyway, I've been wearing them for about a week, and today I got caught in the rain. Since then, I've felt like there is constantly something underneath my feet. When I looked at my shoes, the soles were coming off! Is this normal??? I didn't pay $250 for my shoes to fall apart with a week. Did the water do this to them? Do you think Neiman's will take them back? I'm really upset because they are super cute shoes but for $250 I expected a little more than that.
  2. Oh wow, I am pretty shocked! From what I've read about the materials used & the quality a little water shouldn't cause this to happen!! Unless they were idle in a puddle for an amount of time I can't understand why that would happen! The only thing I could possibly envision was the water causing any "rope" on the espadrille to come loose from glue or something. No clue.

    Can you take a picture for us to see? I am dying to see what the sole coming off looks like. CRAZY!

    Yes, I would be upset too! I would call Neiman's and talk to a sales person in the shoe department definately!
  3. Yeah, I'm upset. I called NM & the SA told me that I can bring them in tomorrow and ask to speak to the manager and he can help me out with what to do. I only bought them on SATURDAY! (And the bottoms already look used and abused! Does that happen on all CL's after a few uses???)

    Here are some pictures...



  4. WOW! They definately look water warped. That was exactly what I had imagined in my head with the rope part. Yikes. Please let me know what happens, was this Neiman's at Garden State Plaza in Paramus? I saw you were NY/NJ area also.
  5. Yes! Haha. I'll be returning them.

    When I told the SA that I bought them on SATURDAY he was like "oh wow" so HOPEFULLY they will take them back.

  6. I don't have a lot of return experience with Neimans but I wish the rest of the retail world was like Nordstroms, they'll take ANYTHING back. haha.

    Anyway, good luck, let us know what happens. Oh, and PS, let me know if they have anything good there right now! I love going but the hour & 15 minute drive can be kinda tedious. :rolleyes:
  7. I know. I wouldn't be as mad if they were from Nordstrom as I know they'd take them back.

    1 hr and 15 minutes, wow, thats far to get to gsp! I'm about 15 minutes away which is TOO close. I'm always in LV! Which section of the tri-state area do you live?
  8. I am on the shore, in Middletown NJ. A lot of the problem with traveling north to get to GS Plaza Mall is the traffic. And considering they aren't open on Sundays I usually have to join Saturday traffic to get there.

    Usually worth the drive though. :P Sorry for the threadjacking but do you ever get to the NM Last Call in Jersey Gardens? Any idea when their big store wide sale is? I live only about 40 minutes south of there.
  9. Haha it's ok. Yeah I've gone to Last Call. I believe they have a website and you can sign up and they'll email you about sales. I've been there a few times--found a few small things. I never looked in the shoe department though lol. I know there are coupons floating around the internet, sometimes they're posted in the deals section. Those might say the sale dates. :smile:
  10. Oh and not to sound stupid but do the bottoms of all CL's look like that after a few wears? :confused1:
  11. I personally think it depends on the surface you are doing the walking on and even the stride of your step can effect it. Obviously someone who wears them in a carpeted office all day with minimal concrete/asphalt exposure will fare WAY better than heavy street wearers. There are also some people with naturally "light on their feet" strides then people who walk like horses prancing in a parade. :roflmfao:

    Personally, lookin' at your soles I would have guessed you had them for several years, wore them on concrete, and soaked them in a puddle for 2 days.

    I still find your prediciment unacceptable. If they don't let you return them I am going to start driving to Short Hills instead!

    good luck!
  12. Haha, I know! I wore them Saturday at a different mall after GSP (I'm a shopaholic, I know lol) and when I got home they were already all marked up. :crybaby:

    Thanks for responding to my posts!
  13. good luck with the return! i'm almost 100% positive they'll either let you return them or exchange. if it was the CL boutique they'd have them get repaired for you or exchange them. believe it or not, something similar happened to me also. I bought the wallis mj's saturday, wore it a few days, went to a party tuesday and my left heel broke! i was a little tipsy but i've been a lot more messed up before with different shoes & i definitely NEVER broke no heel. so i dont know if it was just that particularly shoe? anyways, i brought the shoe back and they had them repaired for me and picked it up 2 days later.

    p.s. the red soles get messed up like hell. especially on concrete (city streets). sucks!
  14. Hello Middletown, New Jersey! I'm originally from Holmdel, NJ. I now live outside of Washington, DC/Northern VA. Go to the Short Hills Mall, they have great shopping, and they're open on Sundays.
  15. I went to Neiman's and they are being repaired right now. The bottoms are also being repainted! Haha. The manager suggested it as he said many people get them resprayed. Thought that was kind of funny. He said that if I don't like how they come out I can get a new pair. He gave me a choice at the beginning but since these were worn in on the inside I said we can try fixing them. :smile: I hate how the red comes off though! Bleh. Anyway, thanks for all of the replies!