CL Peanut Wedges

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I new to the lovely Louboutin's and fell in love with the Peanut wedge in leopard at Barneys Christian Louboutin Peanut at Barneys New York

    Can I really spend $845 on my first pair? YIKES! Does anyone think they will go on sale in the future? What styles typically go on sale?

    Any information you would provide would be really helpful. I would spend $600 but over $800 spends too much!:smile:
  2. #2 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    The peanut does go on sale in season colors. This is a new color for F/W 09 (slightly different that the previous season's leopard pony). They will probably go on sale when the F/W line goes on sale in Nov/Dec. But, if you absolutely love them, then go ahead and buy them because your size could sell out before they make it to the sale rack. I used to think anything over $600 was too much to spend, but every now and then I plurge on a current season style that I can't live without.

    In general, seasonal styles/colors go on sale. Classics like black VPs don't go on sale. They are repeated season after season.
  3. I have these!! :biggrin: I LOVE the new leopard print & theyre very comfy (although I havent worn them "out" yet)

    I totally agree with Julies*shoes & decided to get them early because I thought i'd have a hard time finding them once sales start. (And I'm a TOTAL sucker for leopard prints)

    If you love them I'd suggest going for it & we can be shoe twins!! :P
  4. Good morning/afternoon everyone,

    Thank you for all the info on the Peanut. I love this year's print even more than last years- they got it totally right! Also, I wear size 36 which is probably likely to sell out soon.

    I think I may have to get them! Will keep you posted.

    Raffaluv- Oh my god, you have them! That's so great, yes let's be shoe twins :smile: I'll have to start saving up! They were so comfortable when I tried them on, an even bigger incentive!
  5. Yes, those are last year's leopard pony. I think the new ones are darker in the back and lighter in the front. Like the boots that Asha got a few weeks ago.