CL-Mad Mary's

  1. My First post here-exciting ;)

    I'm absolutely mad about the Mad Mary's in nude/beige patent. My questions is, does anyone have them and are they somewhat comfortable? I know shoes this beautiful arent' supposed to be comfy :smile:

    Louboutin Mad Mary's

    Thanks in advance!
  2. They're one of my favorite pairs! I haven't worn mines outside yet but my gf did mention she could only wear them 4 hours tops. I wore them around the house for about an hour and they were fine. You need to get the right size in order for them to work.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I cant stop looking at them (i mean drooling)
  4. I have the black patent with gold studs ones and have not worn them yet either. To be honest I didn't find these too comfortable at all (sort of like how Rolando's felt to me also) but they are a must-have for the Louboutin collector/addict.
  5. ^that's exactly me feeling. A must-have:tup:
  6. Nice foxy! Where did you find them? Please post pics! I have heard about the black ones with the gold studs but I have never seen them.
  7. i have the black ones with silver studs, got them on sale!! =D
  8. CL Beverly Hills has them on sale. Ask for Alisha :smile:
  9. are the nude ones for sale?
  10. yes, both black & beige. I remember seeing the black, but you'll have to see if the beige is still available. i believe they are 40% off.
  11. Am I the only one that finds the mad marys comfortable?
    I have worn these shoes a few times and actually find them tolerable, but I think that is mainly because I sized up enough to have plenty of room for my toes in the toe box.
    I have seen this shoe marked down at several locations so if you are interested in getting them, you should do it soon because I am sure that sizes are limited.
    I think they are beautiful in the beige patent and very versatile. I was originally worried that beige patent would be difficult to pull off in the winter time, but they actually work with a lot more than I expected.
    Good luck finding them and be sure to post photos once you receive them.
  12. Please post pics, I have never seen the gold studs on the black patent shoe.