CL experts, help us out here...

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  1. So my wife is planning to do the NYC meetup/shopping frenzy in NYC 10/20 which wannaprada has been so kind to fix up.

    She has several Manolo's, several Prada flame shoes, a couple of Guccis, and so on. This will be her first CL and she is definitely planning to buy a pair as we just trading in some credit card points for some Saks gift certificates!

    Anyway she is not crazy about 4"-5" heels so she will be looking for something in a 3" or less heel. This is NYC after all and she actually has to walk in whatever she buys!

    So any recommendations for her?

  2. Anything with a 100mm heel should be good! What about a 100mm pigalle its a classic!
  3. It will be good that she'll have a chance to try them on in person. That's better than anything.
  4. Do you have Miss Gena 85s over there? They are very popular over here in Tokyo for women who do not like 4-5inch heels. Also the toe-box is more forgiving. Even more so than the Simple 100s.
  5. I agree with Dianabanana def pigalle 100mm! I know it's a little higher, but the Bianca 120mm is really comfy, and with the hight platform it's like walking in a lower heel.
  6. During the meet-up you and your wife will have more than enough advice/opinions going around :P Not to worry!
  7. yip!!!
  8. I know that and it's really appreciated! But the person who is getting this together (thanks!) asked the attendees to prepare a list of what they might want to try and in what size in advance, so a couple of the SAs would be ready. Hence, the question!
  9. Ah, I see. Well, I don't know which styles the department stores/boutiques have at the moment but I do know that Pigalle comes in 45 mm, 70 mm, 85 mm and 100 mm.The Marcia Balla 45 is also a very cute shoe but it's cute rather than sexy IMO. Other lower heel shoes include Fifi 85, Fifi 100, Simple 70, Simple 85, Simple 100, Piou Piou 85, Peanut 70, Very Prive 100, You You 85, Altadama 100, Decoltissimo 85, Decoltissimo 100, New Hai 100, Creve Coeur 85, Corneille 100.

    There are two styles of Decollete: Decollete 868 (100 mm), Decollete 554 (100 mm). The Ron Ron does come in 85 but it's hard to find.

    Of course there are the flats: Rosella, Gozul, Balinodono, Lady Bombay, Nemo Mars.

    Sorry, I know you are now overwhelmed with styles. Look here but keep in mind that many of the styles like Sharka, Yoyo, Horasling, O My Sling, etc are older but hopefully you will find others somewhere in the Reference Library section of this subforum.
  10. lol definitely am but greatly appreciate your time and effort in putting together that list. Fortunately, we have three weeks to check it all out :smile: