CL boutique in HK!

  1. Greetings,

    does anybody know CL has open it's flagship in HK?i was kinda shocked when i walked past the store and i stood there wondering am i dreaming or what?i couldnt believe myself for first 30 seconds!It is located in central,wydham street,hidden small lane.:woohoo:
  2. i just heard!! i'm super psyched to go. visiting in january. thanks for sharing the news!!

    p.s: too funny, i was JUST (literally 2 seconds ago) discussing this with a friend.
  3. I know! Heard about that & was quite pleased! I remember bugging CL staff about this a few years ago when they were still trying to expand into Asia (aside from selling in On Peddar, Lane Crawford, etc.). The only downside to this is that there may be more fakes coming up from there now, since the fakers have more than enough real models within their access.
  4. That's where I bought my suede VP's! The SA's there are wonderful! I had three of them help me when I bought my shoes. I had such a great time there that I'm def. going back for my next pair. Also, the store is beautiful AND the Lane Crawford card works there too ;)
  5. ^ so you get 10% off when you have a Lane Crawford card then?
  6. i learnt about this a while ago and visited there at their opening. indeed, i'm looking for a wider selection there since i can see similar styles in both lane crawford and on pedder. the shop was opened by Lane crawford group and you can enjoy 10% off with its card. i'm disappointed when i was told no tailor made service is available.. :sad: