CL Authenticity FAQ: What NOT to Look For!

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  1. Hi guys,

    There isn't much guidance on here about the made in Italy stamp - I've just bought Neon Pink Biancas in 38&1/2. From looking st the made in Italy stamp it's all in capitals and spaced correctly but the middles of the letters A & D are missing

    The Louboutin logo also has the inner part of the stamp missing on the second O. What are your thoughts?

    They came in an authentic box with dustbags and the inner stitching is perfect. The inner logo is the same as another pair of CL that I bought in a store

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  2. Im no expert but i do have atleast 1 maybe 2 pairs like that and were also authenticated by the ladies here! Hth
    I can double check which ones if you like.
  3. Oh phew! That's good to know if you wouldn't mind checking I'd be so grateful!
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462479429.000870.jpg

    I hope this is helpful. I have on the Rosella flat today. The made in Italy stamp is in all capital letters. I got the flats last year. (sorry for the crappy picture and my soles...). The middles of the A and D are there though.
  5. Thanks mama. I don't have any other reason to doubt the shoe. Inner logo is fine. Stitching perfect, inner sole placed perfectly with no weird gaps and the sole has the normal slight wrinkles

  6. I say wear and enjoy! But if you have any second thoughts take pictures and post them in the authenticate thread.
  7. Hello I've just checked my pairs and i have three that are like that! Bianca, rosella and lavelliere
  8. Awesome! You're a star x
  9. Quick question for Louboutin sneakers expert regarding back heel stitching. Is it possible that authentic Louis Flat sneakers do not come with back heel stitching ? The reason I am asking is all of my Louis Flat Spikes always has back heel stitching. I encounter one from SS 2012 in my size, complete with box (barcode label), dust bags; look authentic but the only one stop me buying is : back heel stitching is not there !!!!!

    Please confirm.
  10. Just a reminder. This thread is about what not to look for to put concerns at ease.
    If you have authenticity questions about your shoes, please post in our Authentication thread.

    We do not want to give intel about what defines a fake/authentic shoe as we do not want to help counterfeiters do a better job and therefore scam people.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  11. Is a white dustbag a sign the shoes are fake?
  12. No...espadrilles come with white bags and I have a couple other sandals that have a white bag.
  13. Hello, I dont know the model/style of these. Are they real? I looked at the guides and to me these pass but I wanted to make sure. Thanks.

    I tried uploading directly to this thread but I kept getting errors, so below is a folder of all the images.

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    I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread. Sorry :shocked:. Can it be moved? Thanks.
  15. I don't think it can be moved, but I wouldn't bother. Those are 100%, without a doubt fake.