CITY vs. PART TIME! lend me your opinions!

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  1. hey ladies! i'm a bbag virgin and i'm going to make the plunge soon and cash in my B-card (haha get it? like v-card? ......)
    i've been dying for a GSH electric blue city ever since i laid eyes on her (a few months ago) but, as you all probably know, finding one has been like looking for a anchovy in the great big ocean! so i've got an offer for a GSH electric blue part-time and i was wondering if you gals could weigh in on the pros and cons of both.. i've really wanted the city style for ages because its so classic, but i don't think there are any EB citys out there for me to buy..

    so my question is: is there a big difference between the city and the part time?

    i'd like part-time lovers and haters, as well as city lovers and haters to give their opinions.. (if there are such things as pt/city haters)

    tia! your opinions really matter to me! and i really appreciate any input!
  2. A broken in PT is like a City coz all that leather just smooshes down. & I have an SGH EB PT & I am still loving mine so being biased, I say get it!!! EB is a gorgeous shade & it is getting harder to hunt down.

    That said, there are a whole lotta threads City vs PT that might help you visualise the size. Do a search on *City vs Part Time* if you want to view more threads. Here are some very useful ones.
  3. I have a GH PT and I love it! Personally, I like the GH on the PT more than the City. I can't really explain why but I just really love a GH PT. :heart: Maybe because the GH somewhat dwarfs the bag and it could look a little crowded, KWIM?:shrugs:

    Of course, the weight difference is obvious that's why some prefer the GH City. Also, maybe the east-west orientation on the PT doesn't appeal to everyone. Those are the only 2 reasons I can imagine against the PT. I have a friend who swore off GH PT but ended up having two;) Nonetheless, an EB SGH PT is a great find! I tell you, I've been searching high and low for this one only to end up with a GH CP instead:P

    Goodluck! Let us know what you get:yahoo:
  4. what do you mean the EW orientation? :confused1:
  5. PBI: east-west means it's longer end-to-end compared with the height top-to-bottom. So a PT looks like a longer rectangle than the city.
  6. ooooh that's what its called. thanks for the clarification goldilocks!

    pinkboudoir: thanks so much for the links! have you had any problems with the colour fading at all? i heard that was an issue for that particular colour. also, i'm assuming that since its blue you haven't had any problems with colour transfer for jeans? (i ask because my beloved miu miu bow has some darkish smudges from my jeans)

    mischka: even though it weighs more than a city, it'll still be pretty light right? i'm finding my miu miu bow to be kinda heavy with my chanel wallet, sunglasses, keys (etc.. like the basics) in it.. i hear that bbags are pretty light.. is that too much of a generalization? since this'll be my first bbag, i don't think i'll really be able to tell the difference unless it ends up being heavier than my miu miu... but it shouldn't right?

    ps you ladies are ABFAB!! thanks!
  7. hi there!
    regular hardware bbags are suppper light but the giant hardware is super heavy! after a while of carrying my giant city i find my arm gets sore and i've heard the pt is even heavier...just warning you :smile:

  8. I totally agree! I have a SGH City and it is pretty heavy. It's a tough decision...GH makes the bag pop but practically speaking RH is better...esp. for an everyday bag. I love the "wow" factor when you see a GH bag though. Okay, so I'm of no help at all. Let us know what you decide.
  9. I answered your thread over at the miumiu forum but doesn't hurt to give my input here either. Haha.

    GH PTs are heavy, but you kinda get used to it after a while? I actually only feel the weight if I carry it in my hands. Otherwise, wearing the bag on your shoulder kinda makes it feel a little lighter.
  10. oh dear.. that seems to be actually pretty heavy.. because i always thought my bow was pretty heavy when i put things in it..

    ok WEIRD QUESTION: would anyone mind weighing their bag on a scale to see how much it weighs..? and i'll weigh my bag at my friend's post office tmr and make a comparison when i'm at work..? or is that too much trouble?
  11. Have you checked with Cult Status to see if they have an EB city? I want to say they had one when I emailed them last, not sure though.

  12. Please do a search as pinkboudoir suggested and feel free to post in the threads that you see :yes:
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