City vs. Giant City sizes

  1. What is the difference in size/dimensions of the city and giant city? The reference guide has them as the same dimensions which is impossible obviously. Can anyone post modeling pics of both so I can get an idea of the difference? And the prices ($1195 for the city, $1595 for the giant city) are correct though yes? TIA!!
  2. yeah, ive been wanting to ask the same question but never got to do so.
  3. Both the City and the "Giant City" are the same size. The "Giant" is actually only refering to the hardware - the giant gold or silver hardware that was introduced in s/s 07.
  4. The handle drop of Giant City seems to be a little longer, just a tiny bit though. From pictures it seems to be further apart so maybe that explains why it is a litte bit more comfy to sling on.

    Anyway here is a picture of a Giant City & City side by side. Pictures belong to Jo_ee. She posted them here.

  5. Pinks, right in regards to the handles been a tad longer. I've owned both at different times.. and I was able to use the GH City over my shoulders with ease vs. the RH.

    Dimensions are suppose to be the same, but for some reason.. I felt that the GH was roomier... (might've just been me!) :jrs:
  6. thanks for all your help ladies! i'm ready for my first bbag. :graucho: