City handles?

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  1. Just wondering...can the City be worn over the shoulder with the handles? I got my Anthracite City (which I :heart: :heart: :heart:!!) but its kinda tight when I try using the handles on the shoulder. Thanks!
  2. No, my city doesn't fit over my shoulder - but then again it's not really supposed to. It's more of a crook of the arm type bag (so chic!) - I use the long strap if I need both arms for something. The work sized balenciaga has longer handles though that do fit over your shoulder.
  3. I have a GH city and it does fit on my shoulder.
  4. I wear my City on my shoulder, my Twiggy too...

    My Twiggy seems to fit more comfortably - that may be because it is older and may have stretched out a bit?
  5. i can pull it off in the summer, it doesn't fit over a coat.
  6. I read in one of the thread says that the bag will get creased easily if you wear the city with handles on your shoulder.
  7. You must have really slim arms!! :nuts:
  8. I can wear it that way but it feels miserable. I can't stand bags with 2 straps right up under my armpit.:p
  9. Sorry to kind of change the subject, but rather than start a new thread I thought I'd ask here - how about the Part Time? Are the handles on the part time any longer and can you wear it on your shoulder?
  10. I can wear a City comfortably over my shoulder without the top of the bag digging into my armpit. My arms up at the top are around 8-8.5" in circumfrence - I think you can wear it that way with arms a few inches larger than that too. However, I do think it generally looks best hand-held, in the crook of the arm, or using the strap.
  11. Bump. Anyone? Please...:flowers:
  12. Mine will only fit over my shoulder if I have a t or tank on and it's still tight
  13. Not only can I fit my arm.....there is extra room! I love the way it looks on the shoulder and it is very comfortable to carry that way because the leather is sooooo soft.

    I really think the GH Citys have more room in the handle space than RH Citys.
  14. I can get my GH pt on my shoulder without a coat and I'm pretty big.
  15. Thank you!