Cita Rosa Cioa Ciao Frm eBay - NOT AS DESCRIBED!

  1. My Cita Rosa Ciao Ciao arrived today and I am so so BUMMED! The seller listed the bag as NEW. How could she? I hate it when I am being lied to. There are smudges on the bag and the interior is clearly used, lots of dust particles. The leather has DARKEN, scratched, and the whole bag screams *Hey, I've been USED!* Plus, there's this price marked inside and two large holes, looks like from a hole puncher!

    Wow! The nerve of some sellers! I didn't pay a whole lot but it's still over 100 bucks! I contacted the seller and ask for an explanation.

    If it were you, would you return the bag? It's not easy getting a Citta Rosa Ciao Ciao now and even harder with the price I paid. But I feel like I've been scammed.
    Nothing is too good to be true. :crybaby:
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  2. OMG! I think you definitely have cause to file a complaint! A price written and holes punched! What is that, a garage sale bag.

    OMG, I'm soooo sorry.
  3. oh is that the one on eBay for like $99 or something? geezus that sucks....u should get a refund and keep the bag! lolz that's not right...
  4. :cursing: i hate it when sellers list something as new when it isn't! i think you should contact her for an explanation and see if she'll refund the $$. if she doesn't, contact eBay and open a dispute for item not as described.
  5. YUP! That's the one. Read her description. Display model my a$$!!!!!
  6. OMG I'm so sorry that happened!! You should def. contact the seller and see if you can get some kind of refund or file a complaint. That bag is most def. not "new" by any means. I mean wtf ... how can someone list a bag as "new" when it's got a price written in marker and 2 holes punched into it?! Plus yeah I see how the leather is stained. Ugh I hate when people misrepresent!! :cursing:
  7. From her auction:

    *This handbag was a display model and is missing tokidoki charm and that is why I am selling at such a bargain price. It is new without tags. *

  8. Is it possible that a store would have written the price and punched the holes indicating it was a clearance item? You know like Coach puts the target on their creed when items go to the outlet??? I've seen some pretty banged up bags in department stores and at the outlet. But still... it is not NEW condition, that's for sure.
  9. heh .. yeah right ... "new"

    I mean is she visually impaired? Could she not see the defects and that it wasn't new? I find it hard to believe she never once looked inside the bag to see the writing and the holes.
  10. Uhhh... I think I'd be scared if a store punched holes in bags to mark they're clearance items... I'd have to check everything inside and out every time I went looking into a clearance bin!!

    Get your money back - this is just WRONG!! I don't know about you, but it'd end up bugging me more and more in the end and I just wouldn't be happy with it.
  11. I definitely think you should complain and get a full refund -- shipping and all. That is totally messed up. Like what QueenLouis said could be true...but if so, why didn't the seller mention the written in price on the bag & the holes? That's just effed up. Why in the hell couldn't the place that sold it or w/e use a tag or something? Why write it ON THE BAG?!?! UGHHH. I'm so irritated right now. See, things like this -- that's what prevents me from buying toki from evilbay.
  12. ohh ebay...i only purchased toki from ebay twice and both times the seller messed up on print should definitely get your money back as the bag is not new! good luck!
  13. ^^ I've bought most of my Toki's on eBay, all from 1 seller. And I've been thrilled. Pic's are always from the exact bag, items are brand new. The prices are definitely not bargain basement though. So I guess that's the trade off. But there are definitely great Toki's to be gotten from eBay.
  14. i guess i'm lucky everything i've bought from sellers has always been exactly what i bid on and paid for, but i do inquire for photos of the product inside and out if they're not displayed as well as back front etc.

    i'd ask for a refund that is not in the condition she described.
  15. WRITING and HOLES?? Wow, that is way wrong. They should definitely refund your money and let you keep the used&abused bag, pinkpeony.