Cindy Sheehan Arrested Again

Dec 2, 2005
I am anti-war. However, I was willing to give the President the benefit of the doubt as to whether he honestly felt he was doing the right thing.

However, the way in which Cindy Sheehan has been treated has done it for me. Ten years ago, a mother whose son died in the war would at least have been treated w/ some respect. There is no doubt that Bush knows about the way that police have been treating her- the stories have been splashed across the papers -and he has done nothing about it. This leads me to think that he approves, and it makes me sad, disheartened, and sick at heart.
You're right - it is her right to protest against the war and camp outside the Crawford Ranch, yet she is treated without respect, almost like she's just another protester. I think she has a good reason to speak out, she lost her son.

Thanks for posting a link to the story, I didn't know that had happened. I need to read more CNN online at work :biggrin:
I admire her so much. I can't believe how heartless Bush is... you know, that's an American out there. He can eat least be civil to her, invite her in and hear her views and give her a hot meal. What's so wrong with showing a little humanity, even if you stand your ground on opinions?
I always thought he was a heartless, ignorant smuck...just like his dad when he was president! Sorry, if I offend anybody (********, here) but, I literally cried when he was elected president...twice! He doesn't care how many young men die, as long as it helps his agenda.
you only cried twice? i cry everytime i see his face on tv or someone reminds me he is our president. haha, bit of an exageration, but not by much.

i hate that our country is being headed by somone who the people did not elect, what happened to the people's choice? I find it DISGUSTING the way that Cindy Sheehan has been treated. Apparently peaceful protest and freedom of speech is not something that the bush adminstration approves of either.

(note: I am a proud voting citizen of America who sees no point in spending $ on the continued occupation of outlying countries when our own country has more problems than we can deal with.)
He hasn't done a single thing that makes any sense to me as social policy. When he first got "elected" in 2000, my husband burst into tears and I said "well--how much damage can he do in 4 years? (never imagining 8!). Well, I think I have to eat my words.
I think that regardless of anyone's opinion on the war, a mother whose son has died in a patriotic way should be given some respect. That just goes to show that Bush is just a callous b*stard who'll stop at nothing to stay in power and further his petroleum agenda.

Since 9/11, liberties have been spat at repeatedly in the name of the war against terror, even the liberty to say that you don't agree with the war, which would once be just that, is now qualified as "Un-american".